special chapter: next life

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Love will bloom this spring.

Dammit, why am I reading horoscope instead of answering my assignments?

In my irritation, I lifted my gaze to this guy whose height was way taller than mine. You could even call him a giant, daddy long legs rather? An epitome of a Greek supreme god but he have this cold eyes, and an arrogant facade but still his auras makes him even hotter like the approaching summer than this potato guy inches from me who smells like a long forgotten sock stuck in the laundry. He stinks, and I detest it.

Park is my type if only he didn't embarrass me in front of the whole class in literature. "Oh, thank you very much for your good manners." I told him, casting up a sardonic tone. I glanced at these three books he piled up on the table. He likes reading? Me? I always kill time in the library to sleep.

I love books for they send me to sleep, that was a sarcastic statement actually. Books are my lullaby. I prefer watching than reading stuffs expect for tutorials, fashion magazines, and latest trends?

"Your welcome. Was that enough to wake you up? Let me remind you," His eyes never left his book while still speaking to me. He leveled it down to his chest before he meet my gaze like this was some sort of an interrogation. "This is a library and not a motel."

"Whatever you say, partner." I waved my hand in a dismissive flick. I guess, wasn't lucky enough and I got paired with this guy for our project in literature. He never laugh nor even smile. Seems like he prefers to be alone with just his guitar with him. And a book? A loner?

"Staring is rude, pancake."

"Quit calling me names!"

"I know you liked it."

"Well I, I.. don't!"

"What do you want me to call you then?" he asked. His mesmerizing eyes struck me like a shower of lightning sparks. There is something about his stares that I found familiar.

"My name, I have a name."

"Got it, 'my name, I have a name.' I prefer pancake. Your name is way too long than your dick, I guess."

I rolled my eyes with his frivolous reply, "You are the weirdest and annoying guy I've ever met, just so you know." I commented, narrowing my eyes at him. A failed attempt of threatening him. I was trying hard to keep my composure, I'm damn irritated now.

He smirked roguishly, "And so far, I know you find me too arousing. I know you have those," he paused, lazily circling his finger around the air, "lascivious thoughts running in your head like riding my cock with some boots on." he added lewdly, outlining his jaw with his soothing fingers. And not to mention, his tone was gruff with the thread of arrogance running beneath.

Wearing boots while having sex? God. That hasn't crossed my mind and not even once! I can't imagine myself with such lewd scenes wearing boots? Like hell, no? "Yes, I want to ride." I said.

"Yes.. yes, I know you do."

"A carousel, and not a cock-rousel. Don't push your lewd fantasies with me. I'm not a fan of boots." I said scornfully. He finally put the book on the table, and stared at me. Heat suffusing my cheeks, I find it hot and absolutely sexy when he mentioned, cock.

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