He grins widely, pleased. “Told you so,” he says as he takes a bite of his own food.

            The two of us eat our lunch, our conversations ranging from one thing to another. We talked about the tour, food, music, and a lot of other things. Lunch with Harry was actually pretty fun. Every day, I’d see a sweeter and nicer side of Harry, which was so nice to be around. And hopefully, it stays this way.


            Saying the concert was extremely loud would be an understatement. The Scottish fans were literally partying in the seats as they listened to Five Seconds of Summer perform. And I have to say, I think I’m becoming a fan; those Aussies are actually very talented.

            As we waited for the boys of One Direction to come on, the lights lit back up and we sat and waited. Some girls left to go to either the bathroom or get food, while others just sat. I chewed on my bottom lip as I sat awkwardly by myself. I was at the end of the row and next to me were some girls I didn’t know, until one of them caught my attention.

            “Hey, aren’t you Kelsey? Harry’s wife?” she spit the last word out in utter disgust, and I knew this wouldn’t be much of a happy conversation.

            “Um,” I mumble, looking at her. She had curly blond hair that went to her waist and a dress that looked like it should belong at a strip club rather than at a concert. Seriously, what are some of these girls thinking? “Yeah, that’s me.”

            Her light brown eyes gave me a one-over, and she let out a scoff. “I don’t understand why he even agreed to marry you. You’re not even that pretty. Probably married you ‘cause he pitied you,” she said in a thick Scottish accent.

            My eyes widened and jaw slightly dropped at her bluntness. It shocked me how someone could be so straight forward and rude to another person, not even thinking over their own words before they let them spill from their mouth. The girl next to her, gave me an apologetic look and mouthed an ‘I’m sorry’ on behalf of her friend.

            I turned away as the lights dimmed and tears prickled my eyes as the fans jumped up from their seats and began screaming. I don’t know why I was even crying; yes, what the girl said hurt my feelings but I needed to stop being so sensitive. I needed to stop taking what people say to heart. Sadly, I’ve never been a person who doesn’t care what other people think.

Harry’s POV:

            After our first concert in Scotland ended, the lads and I returned backstage where the Aussie boys were. Soon enough, Kelsey walked through the door with Paul and gave us a smile before sitting down on one of the couches, her left elbow on the arm rest as she leaned her head against it.

            “Hey, you alright?” Ashton frowned at her and she nodded, giving a small smile.

            “Yeah,” Kelsey says. “Just a little bit tired, that’s all.”

            I didn’t buy it. Something told me that she was lying, and I figured I’d better ask her when we’re back at the hotel instead of in front of everyone. As we got changed, I took out my phone and went on Twitter, waiting for the others to stop hogging the clothing rack. As I scrolled through my time line, my eyes caught sight of a few tweets, and they widened.

@1DWWUpdates: Some girl at the boys’ concert in Scotland was sitting next to Kelsey, Harry’s wife & she (c)

@1DWWUpdates: Was extremely rude to her! She said to Kelsey that Harry probably married her because (c)

@1DWWUpdates: He pitied her & she also said to Kelsey that she isn’t even that pretty. Honestly, this type (c)

@1DWWUpdates: Of behavior disgusts me! What would happen if Harry finds out? He’s not going to be happy, you shit.

            My jaw was clenching at that speck of information, and my eyes trailed over to Kelsey who sat across the room on the couch. No wonder she looked so upset. Some fan was completely rude to her, and she doesn’t need that.

            We all know how rough it has been for Kelsey. She lost her mother and now all of this? Like the lads say, it’s a big transition for her and it’s going to take a while for her to get used to this. And she doesn’t need people being so rude to her right in front of her face. How people even can do such a thing, it infuriates me. So with that thought, I start typing up a new tweet or two.

@Harry_Styles: I’d very much appreciate it if my fans got along with the people that I’m associated with. I don’t need the people who supposedly support me –

@Harry_Styles: Bash on the girl that’s my wife. I know none of you expected this to happen so soon, but like it or not, it did. I don’t regret it because –

@Harry_Styles: Kelsey is a wonderful and beautiful girl. So please, stop sending the hate. It’s unnecessary and no one needs those types of things being said about them.

            After sending those couple of tweets, I huff and put my phone away, before changing into some comfortable clothes. After we’re all dressed, Paul takes us back to the vans and we head back to the hotel. When we got to our suites, we all just relaxed and ordered room service for dinner, too lazy to do anything else.

            I watched as Kelsey walked into our room, and I followed her as I closed the door behind her. “I know what happened at the concert, Kelsey,” I say as I shut the door.

            Kelsey turns to look at me, licking her lips as she lets out a sigh. “And?” she asks. “There’s nothing that we can do about it, right? What’s done is done. It’s over.”

            “No, it’s not,” I say, frowning as I walk closer to her. “Kels, you can’t let what people say get to you, okay? I know this is hard for you, but I’m here for you. I know this isn’t how you wanted to get married and I’m not the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with, but I promise you, I’ll be there for you whenever you need me.”

            A small smile tugged on Kelsey’s lips, and I smiled at the sight. She looked at me with her crystal blue eyes, before wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me in for a hug. I smiled at the gesture, wrapping my own arms around her waist as I hug her closer. “You really are one of the nicest guys out there, you know?” Kelsey speaks quietly in my ear.

            I bury my face in her shoulder, clearly hearing the smile in her voice. “Thank you.”

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