Chapter 20: Pizza Faces.

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Opening up my umbrella, and picking up my bag from the school ground. Placing my phone into my black coat from my bag as the December weather is getting quite chilly with the temperature dropping, I start to trudge outside the school, along the pathway under and the little umbrella that doesn't protect me.

The rain has started to pour down from the sky quite fast, which just makes me shiver. Pulling my coat further around my front half, I let out a sigh, hoping my Mother will come and pick me up soon as she said she will take me to town to get new clothes. As she said she will get off early today as she didn't have much work to do. I think she hasn't got much work to do as it's nearly the Christmas holidays so the school is going to get easier (I hope anyway.)

Continuing to walk along the pathway for about another ten minutes, people pass me as I continue to walk. People in dark coats, light coats and even no coats. I don't know why people don't have coats on its bloody freezing out here. I would put my gloves on but I can't as I left them at home.

Beep beep.

A black SMW slows down as they come down the road, as they come near me the car stops by the pathway. The window starts to open, my Mother gives me a smile. "Come on, get in the car. I don't want the seats to get wet even more." My Mother yells at me, opening the door. I place one leg into the car and start to take down my umbrella. Once I have done this, I close the door.

"Finally I can get out of that place, people just kept on stopping me. Wanting to talk to me about how I am getting on and how to make students like me as he is new there. You just need to be friendly and hopefully they will be okay." She babbles on, turning left onto the main road and away from the school.

We talk for the next ten to fifteen minutes about - school, babies and Toby. School about how I am failing school. She said she will go through some film studies with me later on when we get back from town as she is not happy that I am falling behind in her subject and she is my Mother. It's her class so I can't fall behind.

As we arrive at town, I notice that there aren't as many people. I am guessing because it's raining, people don't want to get out of their home and go to town. I wouldn't want to go to town either as its raining and cold but I had to go to town to get new clothes.


"So shall we get food now or later when we get home, we can get pizza on the way home or go to the food court if you want. So you want to get food here?" My Mother asks me as we walk through the double doors, towards Mother-care to get clothes for me and to start to look for the babies.

She doesn't have to ask me twice as my stomach starts to rumble. "Mom, its six o'clock, and yes I am hungry. We are hungry!" I exclaim to her, pointing towards my stomach.

She lets out a laugh as she stops in front of Mother-care. "Okay well we can go and get pizza now, if you want to. I could go and get pizza too." She informs me, I take her hand and walk towards 'Pizza Hut.'

As we get to Pizza Hut, we tell the waitress for a table of two, we get instructed to a table. "So you okay today, how is the twins doing?" She asks me, getting the menu off the waitress.

"Yes they are alright. Thanks for asking. They have started to kick about which hurts sometimes. But other times it just reminds me that they are alive because they are kicking and stuff like that." I start to explain, taking the menu off the waitress.

She starts to look through the menu and I do the same. Craving either a bbq chicken pizza or a pepper, ham and onion pizza. I may go for the healthy option at the moment as I have been eating crap lately which is not good for the babies.

"So what you going to have?" She asks me, closing the menu.

"Erm I think I will have a pepper, ham and onion pizza as its healthier then the bbq one. What are you going to have?" I ask her, I have to lean closer to her as it's hard to hear. I think this is due to the fact that the restaurant is full.

"Okay. I think I will have a normal pizza with peppers." She tells me. The waitress comes over to our table with a smile upon her face.

"Hello, my name is Claire and I will be your waitress today. So what can I get for drinks?" She asks us, getting her notepad out from her pocket, alongside a pen.

"Sparkling water please." My Mother says.

"Just water please." I reply, rubbing my stomach.

"Okay what about mains?" She asks us, writing down our drinks orders.


As we walk into Mother-care with a full stomach in tow and ready to find clothes. I feel happy as I now have energy to look for clothes. Rubbing my stomach, I make my way over to maturity section.

I start to search through the clothes, putting the clothes that I don't want on one side of the rack and potential clothes that I kind of want on the other side. My Mom is looking over my shoulder, she points to potential clothes and nods her head.

"I like the white and black top and just get the clothes that you think will fit you and we can try them on. I know this will be expensive so I will put some money to it as well. Then after you have done this, we can go and get some clothes for the babies if you like or some nappies. So you and Toby can get clothes for the babies." She tells me, walking over to the baby section.

"Okay we can do this, I can get clothes with Toby, like the babies first clothes that they will wear. So what you going to get?" I ask her, picking up the pink top with two pairs of trousers on my arm.

"Nappies and the basic stuff for the twins." She says.

I continue to search through the clothes, placing the potential clothes into a basket on the floor. My Mother have got her own basket for herself, full of nappies and bottles alongside a bag for the babies (where nappies are.)

I think she is getting more hyped up with this then me. She seems to be a hungry kid in a sweet store who wants sweets.

As I get to the end of the clothes section, I have a full basket of clothes, ranging from t-shirts to top to dresses. Wheeling the basket towards my Mother, I give her an apologetic look as this will cost a lot of money. "You don't have to be sorry, this is a part of Motherhood as I need to get clothes for the babies. What grandmother will I be if I don't get the babies anything?" She tells me.

"You sure?" I ask, raising my eyebrows at her.

"Yes I am sure, I will get this and don't worry about stuff and money." She says to me, wheeling her own basket towards the baby section.

Next stop the baby section.

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