Chapter 06: So Can I Go?

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Chapter 06: So Can I Go?

(1 Month, 3 Weeks Pregnant - September 13th 2015.)

Late last night I was up reading the different leaflets that Scarlett has given to us. Apparently during the first twelve weeks of the pregnancy, your baby (babies in my case which I still can't get over) will begin its life as a tiny ball of cells and later develop quickly into an embryo.

Then by the tenth week, all of the babies organs are there, this even counts when they aren't fully formed yet. Which was surprising to find out. They are now known as a foetus and my placenta is fully formed. This will develop into your womb which is linked to your babies by its umbilical cord.

This is what I already knew from Biology is that nutrients are transferred from my blood to the babies. However, all of the rest was a total new experience. Like for instance I didn't know all the waste products from the babies are transferred back into my circulation so I can get rid of them for the babies.

By the twelve week, both babies will be almost eight centimetres long. Their eyes are formed but still tightly shut and their ears are still forming. Their brain is growing at a fast pace which means the babies head will be larger then their bodies.

Just reading the information makes a smile form on my lips and it gets me really excited to meet them in nine months.

Last night I slept quite well, knowing that I am not ill, I am pregnant and in nine months I will have two beautiful children.

The only downside from reading the leaflets was that I fell asleep quite late, quarter to twelve to be exact. I will be very tired later.

Now all I need to do now is start to buy things for the twins and tell my friend and family who I am guessing won't be to happy to hear that I am pregnant.

Would you be happy to here that your seventeen year old daughter is pregnant with twins?


Entering the kitchen, I am greeted with a smile from my Mother who is sitting by the kitchen table drinking coffee, marking papers. In her black suit trousers and black blazer with a red t-shirt and black pumps.

My step-dad buttering toast and my brother is throwing food around the table which just causes my step-dad to sigh. My sister demanding toast quicker as she will be late for school but it's her own fault, she should have gotten up earlier for school.

Just a normal morning in the Quinn/Mayes household.

I know I should have gotten up earlier but I kept hitting my snooze alarm on my phone as I was too tired to get up. Which is going to make me late if I don't hurry up and get my lazy arse moving.

I kiss my Mother on the cheek and walk over to my step-dad. "You want a coffee?" He asks me, turning to face me. He reaches his hand over to Sophie, handing her a piece of toast with butter.

I scan the sides, a big coffee jug sitting on top of the stainless steal cupboard. I shake my head at him as I feel sick rising up into my mouth.

"Oh why not?" He asks sounding worried. "You like coffee and normally you have it every morning." He comments.

"Well I just don't want it." I snap at him.

He states at me, stunned by my outburst. I realise what I have done and open my mouth to apologise. "I'm sorry." I say to him, giving him a quick hug against his back.

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