Chapter 23: Driving Home For Christmas.

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Chapter 23: Driving Home For Christmas.

(Five Months, One Week Pregnant – Thursday 24th December 2015.)

"A spaceman came travelling on his ship from afar, 'Twas light years of time since his mission did start, And over a village he halted his craft, And it hung in the sky like a star, just like a star." I sing along to the lyrics as I read about the twins in the pregnancy book.

The twins are about five months old. Their hearing starts to develop, I have been getting backaches, heartburns and headaches which has not been helping while I have been in school. When school finished on the 18th, I picked up more work hours so I can make more money and it was easy to get more hours as it's the Christmas period so stores want more hours. However, after the first couple of shifts I had to let go some hours as I kept on getting dizzy.

This adding onto the fact that I am tired and have been tired since I have gotten pregnant, no amount of sleep can help it.

"He followed a light and came down to a shed, Where a mother and child were lying there on a bed, A bright light of silver shone round his head, And he had the face of an angel, and they were afraid." Olivia sings the next paragraph as she enters my room with a chocolate milkshake in toe and warm smile.

I get the milkshake from her and take a big gulp from it, "thanks." I say to her, placing it onto the side. I really love Millie's cookies milkshake and so much more now I am pregnant.

"They are really lovely and I and Adam just got a milkshake and a cookie for you but I accidently ate it as I was hungry and so was the little might." She says, pointing to her stomach. "Anyway, Adam has gone to pick up Toby as he can drive. So you excited to see him?" She asks me, coming over to the bed, sitting next to me.

"Thanks." I simply reply to her. Closing the book and I place it on the side and give Olivia a small smile. Sipping the drink again, my thoughts drifting to Toby and how I haven't seen him for two weeks.

Two weeks away from him feels like a lifetime, I know I am being dramatic but oh well. This is the longest time I have not spoken to him, he hasn't even written to me as he cannot, well I don't think he can anyway or he would. Right?

He would write and tell me all about what is going on there and about how the children are.

#_# Toby's Point Of View #_#

"How was it man?" Adam asks me, whipping his head around to face me. He makes a right turn at the roundabout.

Wiping my hands on my thighs, I open the glove compartment and reach for Adam's hairbrush. Getting it out the glove compartment, I pull the hairbrush through my hair. Trying to make it look okay for Lacey.

"It was good, hard but good. We had to get up at five am and start on the training. We did two lots of training – morning and night. The first night, all I wanted to do was sleep and this was the same for the second day but by the third, I was okay. Well okay as anyone which but if they had to four hours of training a day and then do mental challenges as well. It was tough and also I couldn't even phone or write to Lacey which was annoying. I wanted to but they didn't say anything about it. At least I have finished the training. Which is good."

Before I continue, I turn up the radio which is playing a Christmas song. "The training was intense, I now have a start date on my job which is good. The start date is January 4th, I need to get more training but my boss said I can train while I earn which is a good thing. Adding onto this, I know I sound like a girl but I am finally getting on track with my career. I know where I want to go. Training will be located in Birmingham so I don't have to work out of town or stay out of time." I say to him.

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