Chapter 03: Telling Toby

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Chapter 03: Telling Toby.

(One Month, Two Weeks Pregnant - September 7th 2015.)

Closing the door to Lucy's café, it closes with a 'thud', I makes way over towards a table at the back of the café.

Lucy's café theme is red and black. Red tables with black 80's sofa chairs. There are booths along the back of the café with big windows which stretch from the ceiling to the start of the table. In the middle of the café, there is a red bar which you can purchase drinks and meals from.  Along the edge of the bar, sits eight black stools.

The café gives off an 80's vibe with a record station on top of the bar in the right hand corner.

As I sit down, my hands go to my stomach to try and stop the pain that has suddenly erupted in it. It feels like my period but ten times worse. I lye my head down on the table and close my eyes. Breathing in and out slowly to try and calm down, nothing is the matter, I am okay.

I tell myself over and over again. Sickness comes up into my throat but I swallow it down; I don't want to be sick again.

"You okay?" A voice asks me. Lifting up my head, my gaze is fixed with Toby's. Toby has short brown hair with a fridge that doesn't go in his eyes. With a locked jaw and broad shoulders pairing with his blue eyes. He would make beautiful children, maybe he has already make a beautiful child.

Shut up mind, you don't know that you are pregnant, you are probably just coming down with something so don't assume things before knowing for defiant.

Toby waves his left hand in front of my face and I blink a couple of times to get myself out of my Toby gaze. Out of my gaze which is just locked onto him. Closing my mouth because I think he has caught me staring at him, my cheeks instantly turn a slight shade of red.

Flipping my hair over my shoulders, I swallow down the sick again and breath in and out.

"Yes I think I am okay." I tell him, tapping my pink chipped nails on the table, nervously.

"You sure?" He asks, raising an eyebrow at me, sitting down opposite me.

"I have something to tell you and I don't know how you will react." I say, clasping and unclasping my hands together, getting them all sticky in the process.

"Okay shoot." He informs me, taking my sticky hands in his on top of the table.

Okay here goes nothing, I will tell him. I need to tell him.

"I think I ma-" I start to speak however there is interruption from a female voice.

Turning my head around, I come face to face with a blonde waitress in a red apron and black denim jeans. She takes a note pad and pen from her apron and gives us a smile.

"Hi my name is Jenna and I will be your waitress today. Would you like to order a drink and here is your menu's." She says, passing us a menu each.

Toby looks at me and then back at the waitress. His eyes do not travel towards her body which I am guessing other males would do as Jenna is pretty with her shoulder length red hair and brightly coloured cheeks along side her red lips. Toby seems to be a gentleman who doesn't seem to use women for a one nightly.

Well he used you, my inner voice protests but I push the thoughts away as yes we did sleep together a couple of times but he never used me and dumped me. We were never together.

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