Chapter 20: Pizza Faces.

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Chapter 20: Pizza Faces.

(4 Months, 3 Weeks Pregnant – Monday 7th December 2015.)

A lot has happened over the course of the last month. My stomach has grown bigger and rounder, I really need to get new clothes for myself as I cannot survive on the clothes that I got from the loft. I need to stop moaning about how much stuff costs and bite the bullet. Go to town and get some maturity clothes, stuff that I can wear for school and at home.

As the teachers have started to complain that I need to wear appropriate clothing to school as the school six form attire is formal with blazer, trousers and shirt or something similar to that. However, all I have is my Mothers clothes that I have. Which won't do.

Basically, I have only brought myself a two t-shirts and two new bra's since I have been pregnant and I really need to get some new stuff so I don't look an idiot walking around.

Adding onto this, I need to start to get some clothes for the twins as I haven't even brought a single item of clothing for them yet (or anything else for them) and I am nearly five months pregnant which is scary.

Hopefully today after school I can go shopping for new clothes so I can feel comfortable in my own skin. As I don't feel comfortable in my clothes as most of them don't fit me and I don't really like my Mothers clothes but I don't have a choice in the matter.

So I am going to tell you what happened at parents evening about a month ago too as that wasn't the greatest parents evening of all time. In fact it wasn't a very good night at all. Mostly due to the fact that my teachers told me that my grades are falling. I am not failing at the moment but I could be if my grades continue to go downhill like they are doing now.

I never thought I would be failing; I haven't failed since year eleven; when I was failing Maths but luckily I didn't as I aced the test.

Furthermore, another two things that I have been thinking about lately is the fact that when the twins come along, my life will properly be on standby; the second thing I have been thinking about is how noisy they will be when they are born and how my parents will react to new-borns.

They may say they are on board at the moment but I am guessing when they are born, they may think of something different. The twins will cry all times of the night and the day, they will be very needy as they are new borns. I know I shouldn't complain, which I am not but I trying to say that I kind of what to move out.

This makes me think back to the baby project a couple of months ago, which was hard as the baby kept me up all night long and this was only one baby; I will be having twins. The baby wasn't even real and it was bloody annoying. When the twins are born, I know they will be up all hours of the night, screaming and wanting attention.

But I know it will be all worth it when the twins are here and when I will be holding them in my arms. All the vomiting, all the pains and all the new clothes that I will have to buy. Will be worth it in the end.

I feel that it may be best for me to try and find a flat or something for me and the twins (and maybe Toby as we are now a couple). I want to move out so I am not a burden (I won't become a burden to my family.)

Oh speaking of me and Toby, we are doing just swimmingly, we have had only one argument since we have gotten together but we moved past that in about a day and we are okay now. We also have been on another two dates – a study (I hate that word, by the way) date last Friday. The other date we went on was two weeks ago, when I took him to a football game – a game that he said he wanted to go but he didn't have any money to go so I took him on the date. It was really good, despite me not knowing what is going on in the football pitch with those sweaty people.

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