Chapter 31: I'm Scared.

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Chapter 31: I'm Scared.

(Seven Months, One Week Pregnant - 16th February 2016.)


Before the taxi drives off, Toby opens the door and quickly comes in and straps his seatbelt on. "What happened? I tried to call you?" He simply stated, giving me my bag which I get off him. His hair is already messy from the rain, slicking up in all directions, I don't even want to see what my hair looks like and my makeup. I must look like a total idiot.

"Sorry, I just needed to get out of here." I whisper, leaning my head onto his shoulder.

"Okay, we can talk when we get home." He says.

But what neither of us knew was that we wouldn't be going home, just get.

The taxi starts to slow down, ready to take a left turn. The rain already starting to pour down more, belting onto the windows, making me frown. As he takes a ride turn, my mind drifts off to my Father.

What would he think of me, what would he think now that I have left him? As theses thoughts run through my confused head, Toby places a hand onto my thigh. His warm touch making butterflies erupt in my stomach.

As I watch out of the window, I notice people passing quickly with others, a girl with another boy, the girl holding an array of flowers and smiling widely at her boyfriend (well I am guessing he is her boyfriend as he has his arm wrapped around her waist, holding her close to his body).

Sh*t, I completely forgot." I say out loud, picking up my head from Toby's shoulder, I try and give him an apology smile. I am not sure if he forgot about Valentines day, but I sure have forgotten about it.

Oh that makes a lot of sense why there was a lot of flowers and chocolate in the shop yesterday when I went in to, to get some bread as we ran out of it at home. It explains why my Mother and Jack both received a card off each other. Why they looked at me weird when I asked what the card was about but before they answered me, my phone started to beep, notifying me that I had a call coming through. It also makes sense why both Olivia and Adam couldn't do anything yesterday.

"What? Is it the babies? Are you okay? Please speak to me?" Toby threats over me, his eyes drift from my big stomach and to my eyes.

Shaking my head at him, I inform him, "No, I'm okay Toby. It was freaking Valentines Day and we didn't do anything. But to be far, I am not that bothered about it but did you notice it was Valentines Day?" I announce, placing my head back onto Toby's shoulder.

He gives me a small smile and shakes his head. "No I didn't know. I didn't know it was Valentines Day or I would have gotten you something but I didn't know. I can still get you something if you want something. Well I can get you something as I am a crap boyfriend. This is our first Valentines Day together, like properly together and I forgot, I'm sorry baby." He tells me.

A smile spreads onto my face at his last comment. He is so thoughtful. "No I don't want to have anything. Well it's the same for me, I should have got you something but I didn't. I forgot to." I say to him.

"Well shall we not bother this year?" He asks me.

"Yes I agree." I announce, staring out of the front window.

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