Chapter 25: Aren't You The Cutest Couple?

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Chapter 25: Aren't You The Cutest Couple?

(5 Months, 2 Weeks Pregnant – 31st December 2016.)

Lugging the suitcase down the stairs, I take a hasty stop in the middle of the staircase as the suitcases is bloody heavy and my arms are weak as hell. I really need to start to work out again. Who am I kidding, I didn't really work out that much, and well if you count PE then sure I did exercise.

But PE was crap as hell, so I don't count that at all; all it did was nothing for my physical education and did nothing towards toning my body and such stuff like that, I could really do with toning my pregnant body at the moment. I am so glad that I stopped the subject, it was worth it. "Lacey where are you?" Toby screams from downstairs, I am guessing he is in the kitchen.

"I'm coming in a minute, I just need to get the suitcase downstairs." I scream back, holding onto my stomach, rubbing it as the twins start to kick for the fourth time today.

"Well what did I tell you?" He screams back from downstairs. My parents, especially Jack hate when I scream from upstairs to downstairs or vice versa. Oh well, he isn't here at the moment, it is just me and Toby in the house as they have gone out at seven in the morning to shop for food items as they are having a New Year's eve party tonight which I am not going to. Nor is Toby but we are spending New Year's Eve and New Year's day away.

"Nothing." I tell him, as I rack my brain for answers but I don't come up with any as I shrug my shoulders.

"I told you that you shouldn't carry heavy stuff downstairs like you are doing now!" He informs me, walking up the stairs, greeting me in the middle.

"Oh well, I need to do this." I answer him, rolling my eyes.

"Ask me?" He questions, raising his eyebrows at me.

"Oh." I simply reply to him, not knowing what to say. I just shrug my shoulders and let go off the suitcase handles. Placing my hands on my hips as I follow Toby down the stairs, with my suitcase.

As we get to the end of the stairs, Toby places the suitcase down and turns to face me with a smile on his face. He wraps his arms around me, bringing my close and he places his soft pink lips to my cold lips. As our lips connect, sparks fly in my stomach. As we let go off each other's lips, a smile spreads across my face. Nestling my head into his neck, I let out a sigh.

We stay like this for the next couple of minutes until the doorbell interrupts us. Toby sighs and unwraps his arms from my torso. He walks towards the front door and opens it up. I take a seat on the sofa in the living room, watching the door with my eyes.

As he opens the door, we are greeted with a groaning Olivia and an annoyed looking Adam. Olivia is whining about the baby and that it is kicking her too much. She is wearing a black dress with grey cuffs pairing with black ankle boots and a black biker jacket. I have the same jacket as her but in light pink. She is still looking good while being pregnant.

I on the other hand have a long grey jumper on with denim mom jeans on which are maternity and dark red ankle shoes on with a gap at the back of the shoe. I am in love with the shoes, they are basically my life. Toby is wearing a black t-shirt with dark denim jeans on. He also has blue converse on. Adam has a blue shirt (it is half a shirt at the collar and the rest is a t-shirt) with black jeans on, paired with red converse. 

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