Chapter 30: The Meal.

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Chapter 30: The Meal.

(Seven Months, One Week Pregnant - 16th February 2016.)

The person who stares back at me doesn't seem like my Father at all. I am not saying that his appearance has changed as it hasn't, he looks the same with his nearly bold hair and crap attitude. But the unusual thing that he is doing, is smiling. I didn't rarely see him smile when he was around, I don't remember him smiling anyway, if he did or didn't.

He is smiling with his business suit and red tie on. His eyes are locked with my Moms until I open the door wider and his eyes go down towards my stomach, then his mouth opens wide. His facial expression is priceless, mouth open wide and anger written across his features.

"What is going on? What has happened?" He roars, pointing an accusing finger at me.

The hairs on my arm start to stand up due to the cold rushing into the house from the outside. I stare at my Mother for help but she doesn't say anything, she just stares at us.

I don't know what to say, I just choose to answer with a shrug. "Is that all you have to say?" He asks me, standing in the dark porch, the light has gone off due to nobody walking past the light.

I shrug again and raise my eyebrows, looking back at my Mother, I mouth the words: "help."

She finally gets the message and comes closer to me and my Father. Stopping next to my Father, she places a hand on her waist, staring back at him with a scowl. "What is going on?" She asks, raising her eyebrows at my Father.

"You asking me what's going on? She is pregnant? How did you let Lacey get pregnant? Couldn't you be so stupid to let that happen?" My Father roars at my Mother, coming closer to my Mother. His voice is quite loud, Sophie and Jack both come into the hallway to see what is going on. I feel really sorry for my Mother, she does not deserve what my Father is saying to her.

"What is going on?" Jack asks my Father, standing next to my Mother – defending her.

"Just stay out of it!" He informs my Father, pointing a finger at Jack.

"Don't speak to him like that?" My Mother states to my Father.

They continue to argue for the next couple of minutes until I feel like I am going to explode, my head ready to explode due to the loud noises that is coming from all of their mouths.

Putting my hands on my head, I start to scratch at my head, getting very annoyed at all of them, acting like a baby and arguing because of me. I know it is my fault.

My head begins to go light, light and hot. I get my hand away from my hair and place both of my hands on either side of the doorframe, trying to steady myself but then it just gets worse. My hands start to shake on the doorframe and I am this close to falling on the flood and becoming injured.

"Mom, Jack!" I croak out, trying to get them to turn their head and look at me. To see that I am about to faint but it doesn't work.

I grip the side of the doorframe harder and I fall my head foreword, ready to hit the floor. Suddenly, my hands give way and I am about to collapse onto the floor when two arms wrap around me, not letting me fall onto the cold ground.

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