Chapter 16: Be There For Our Little Family.

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Chapter 16: Be There For Our Little Family.

(3 Months, 2 Weeks Pregnant - Wednesday 4th 2015.)

"Can you please pass the popcorn?" I ask Toby, gesturing towards the popcorn next to me. My eyes turn towards Toby who is sitting next to me, shovelling popcorn into his mouth. He acts like an animal.

"Sure." He mumbles, in between shovelling popcorn into his mouth. He grabs a handful of the popcorn in his fist and shoves the whole fistful into his mouth. He passes the box to me, I get the popcorn from his warm hands.

Getting a fistful of popcorn from the box, I place it into my mouth and chew. "Can't you go any louder?" He states, laughing a little bit.

I chew the inside of my mouth and try and come up with a smart respond but it doesn't work. I can't think of a smart ass comment so I carry on chewing the inside of my mouth. "Well yes I can, do you want to see?" I question him, teasing him.

He places his hand up in surrender and shrieks "no please." Wait did he just shriek like a girl?

I just sit there and laugh at him, ladies and gentleman, this is the Father of my children and my boyfriend.

"Just get back to the film." I giggle at him, getting a fistful of popcorn from the box, I throw it in Toby's face. His face turns into a frown and then into a scowl.

"Hey, what was that for?" He states, getting some popcorn from the box and he throws it back into my face.

"Because I thought I should do it. It was funny. Your face." I say, placing my hands over my mouth, laughing at him, shielding my face away from the popcorn that is currently being thrown at me.

"No you did it because you are poo." He says to me, getting another fistful of popcorn from the box and throws it at my face. "Think fast!" He demands to me, I think he thinks I will open my mouth when he throws them at my face. But let me tell you one thing, I haven't got much eye coordination.

"That wasn't nice." I state to him, pointing my finger at him but he doesn't listen, instead I grab fistful of popcorn from the box and throws it at his face.

He grabs some popcorn and throws them at my stomach. Then I get some popcorn and throw it at his head. He rubs his head, the same spot where I just threw the popcorn at.

Throwing more popcorn at him, I grab his arms and wrestle him, going back and forth. He smiles at me with that killer smile that makes my stomach go all weird. He releases one of my hands to grab another handful of popcorn to throw it into my face. My smile drops off my face and a fake frown replaces it. "Oh it is on. Like a dog getting a bone." I scream at him.

"That doesn't even make sense!" He adds, grabbing another handful of popcorn, I throw it back in his face.

We continue to do this until someone shoves a pillow in front of our faces. Making a gap between us, so we cannot throw more popcorn at each other. "What is going on?" My Mother barks, dropping the pillow in front of us. She walks around the sofa, so she is facing us. With a scowl upon her face, her hands on her hips, I sense that she is angry about the popcorn.

"Take a look around the room, you two. You have destroyed this place. I thought you were seventeen and eighteen, in a matter of a couple of months, you will be parents and you are both acting like you children. Two irresponsible children who are going to have children soon! God help me." She barks at us. Looking around the room, I notice there are loads of popcorn all over the place. I didn't think we would make that big of a mess.

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