Chapter 17: When It All Comes Crashing Down.

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Chapter 17: When It All Comes Crashing Down.

(3 Months, 2 Weeks Pregnant - Wednesday 4th November 2015.)

"Mom, Mom come here!" I scream to my Mother who is downstairs. I am sitting crossed legged on my bed, watching Netflix's, leaning against the wall. I have and still am feeling like someone is kicking me in the stomach, full power. But not too hard that I am out of breath. Instantly knowing what the pain is from as the doctor went through it in the third check-up that I had last then two weeks ago. It's the babies kicking me, they are kicking me. Oh my, my twins, they are kicking me for the first time.

The pain hurts but it's a good pain, knowing that they alive and I am guessing well too as they are kicking me.

"What's going on? Are you hurt, is the babies hurt?" She screams, rushing into my room with a now empty glass of water in her hands. I am guessing the glass of water was full but when I called her she ran with the water, forgetting that there was water in there. Resulting in the water going everywhere.

"No. Well they are not hurt. I just felt them kick Mom. I just felt them kick me for the first time." I inform her with a smile upon my face.

"Oh god Lacey, that is great. It is so magical. Them kicking for the first time, you are connecting for the first time." She says to me, parking her butt beside me on the bed. Placing her hand on my stomach, so she can feel the babies.

Taking off my headphones, I put them onto my laptop, quickly pausing Orange Is The New Black. Noticing where I clicked pause it is on a sexual scene. It's the scene where that blonde women (crazy hair, friends with Red) touches up Alex. Quickly trying to close the laptop screen before my Mother notices. However, she does notice as she taps me on the shoulder, giving me a disapproval look.

"You know you shouldn't be watching this as this programme is eighteen and you are only seventeen. You have a whole year until you can watch this legally but I know you won't listen to me. You will just watch it anyway. As I know you like to watch a programme without skipping any episodes. But if I see Sophie or Tom watching this, I won't be very happy. Do you hear me?" She scolds me, pointing an accusing finger at me.

"Mom I can feel it again. I can feel them kick." I inform her, placing her hands on where the twins are kicking me.

"Oh my darling. They are kicking like there is no tomorrow. They seem like they are going to be a handful when they are born." She says to me, kissing the top of my head, getting up from the bed. She walks to the door and a single tear falls down her check.

Whipping my head to face my Mother, I give her a quick smile, I don't know why she is crying. "What's the matter?" I ask her.

"I can't get over the fact that my daughter is pregnant with twins. I am just going to say to you that I was mad at you at the start when you told me that you were pregnant. But I can't and I won't be mad at you as I was your age when I had you. And after feeling the twins, it takes me back to when I felt you kick me in the stomach years ago." She confesses to me, leaning her body on the doorframe.

I knew that she was mad at me as she didn't really speak to me in the same tone for the next week (after I told her about the babies.)

The pain feels like period pain but in your stomach, it bloody kills, but I know giving birth will be very hard. But now after the babies have been kicking me for about three minutes, the pain has decreased, it feels like bubbles popping.

"I knew you were going to be mad at me but I am happy that you are not mad at me anymore as I cannot stand you being mad at me. Mom I am happy, I properly shouldn't be happy as I am seventeen and pregnant but I am." I confess my own thoughts to her, running my hands through my hair, I replace my hands back onto my stomach.

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