Chapter 04: School Lunches and A Starbucks Date.

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Chapter 04: School Lunches and A Starbucks Date.

<{Lacey's Point Of View}>

(One Month, Two Weeks Pregnant - September 12th 2015.)

Trudging out of the classroom with my bag on my shoulder. I let out a sigh which I have done a lot lately. As I walk to my locker, I massage my temples with my indexes fingers. I can feel a migraine coming on as Physiology was hard and dull as we did an essay.

I personally don't think the essay will be good as I was too focused on the appointment at four o'clock.

"Lacey." Someone calls me from behind me.

It cannot be Olivia as she is at a doctors appointment for her baby as she couldn't get one for after school. I still can't get to grips that she is pregnant and that I may be pregnant too.

A smile spreads across my face at the thought of potentially shopping for baby clothes and comparing our bumps and silly things like that.

However, it is soon replaced with a frown once I see my Mother coming my way with papers in her hands. It's not like I have anything against her because I don't; it's just the fact that I don't know what she will say to me being pregnant while I am still in school.

The hatred that she will face by other teachers because I may be pregnant.

By the way if I haven't told you yet, my Mother works at my school as a Film Studies teacher and she is my teacher. She also teachers History too but her main subject that she teaches is film.

It's strange to know that your Mother is your teacher and your friends may not like her. Which is not the case for my Mother as a lot of people think she is 'cool' and 'safe'. Students like her and even some blokes think she is 'hot', which I do not agree with at all.

"Lacey stop. Are you okay?" My Mothers voice asks me, her eyebrows are scrunched up in worry and her mouth is open.

I stop dead in my tracks and face my Mother. "Yes I am." I say, putting my bag further up my shoulder so it doesn't fall down due to the heavy weight in it.

"That's good. Pick one please. Boyhood, Skyfall, The Notebook, The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas or an older James Bond film?" She asks.

"What's it for?" I reply, I start to walk again towards my locker.

"You are going to watch a film about loss and I want you to decide which one. So which one?" She asks me, walking next to me. Juggling the papers in her hand.

Taking some of the papers from her hand once I have closed my locker too. She mutters a "thanks" and we continue to walk through the school grounds, going towards the lunch hall. There are three different lunch halls located on every floor. This school has been rebuilt once since it opened up in 1954.

With its modern technology and high windows. The school has been transported into the 2010's. Passing classrooms as we walk, teachers chatting to my Mother.

Once we hit the hall on the second floor, I instantly spot my friends - Evie who is Adams younger sister. Charlie and Dave.

"Skyfall." I reply to her quickly, she sits down on a table with other teachers. I place the papers down next to her.

Sayings my goodbyes, I trudge over to them, I take a seat next to Evie, giving the others a small smile.

Before I begin, Evie is Adams younger sister.Evie looks like Adam with black hair which goes down below her boots. Freckles lining her eyes; black cat eye makeup and a natural lip. She just looks like a female version of Adam which she is. Evie is wearing a red dress which comes to mid-thigh and black heeled wedges with a white cardigan on.

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