Chapter 10: Should Have Seen The Signs.

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Chapter 10: Should Have Seen The Signs.

(Two Months, Two Weeks Pregnant - October 5th 2015.)

Days turned into weeks and so I said goodbye to September for another year. The school load has gotten heavier with exam pressure and deadlines for assignments being piled on us like there is no tomorrow.

It's October now and I have already passed the second month; which is scarring the crap out of me because in a matter six months I will be a Mother. In a matter of half a year!

I went to the doctors appointment yesterday in my frees so my parents aren't suspicious of where I am going to after school. They are bothered where I go (especially late at night) and who I am talking too but they aren't strict in the sense of they need to know my every doing.

But anyway I went in my frees, by myself as Toby had to go to university. He said he would miss his class and come with me but I told him not to bother as he is in a lecture and he would fall behind if he went with me.

I was lucky that Olivia had a free too as she went with me. I didn't realise until I got to the appointment that Toby was there. He said that his class got cancelled due to the professor being ill and he wanted to surprise me.

#_# Flashback to the appointment #_#

"Is this the babies?" I ask in disbelief, pointing to the screen with my index finger with my left hand.

"Yes it is." The doctor says, rubbing the probe around my stomach to get a better picture of the babies.

Toby and Olivia are standing next to the screen, indulged with the babies.

"Oh my." I reply back, putting my hand in front of my mouth. The corner of my eye starting to water at the beautiful sight on the screen.

I still can't get over the fact that I am pregnant with twins.

My stomach has grown over the space of a short period of time. I really need to get new clothes; clothes that will fit me at least. Most of my jeans, wait scratch that, none of my jeans now fit me around the stomach area. I can't do the button up so I have to not have the button done up.

Most of my morning sickness has gone now which is a good thing.

"Do you want to hear your babies heartbeats." She asks me, I nod eagerly in response.

With her free hand, she fiddles with the buttons on the machine until she finds the right one. Turned up the volume; I can hear two steady heartbeats coming out from it.

My smile is as wide as my face as the first happy tear escapes my eyes. Once the first one comes, the next quickly follow.

"Why you crying?" Toby asks me, squeezing my hand.

"It's happy tears." I reply, wiping my eyes with the back of my hand.

They seem so real now, now that I can hear their heartbeats. It's all getting so realistic.

I should probably stop calling them it or babies as they are real as they have a heartbeat. They were real before but now after I have listened to the heartbeats; its seem so real.


"Okay at the moment, you are still in our first trimester. However, at this point your babies heart is giving out a heartbeat. Also the babies brain had formed." The doctor tells us once we are back on the seats by her desk.

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