Chapter 22: Chocolate Orange Cookies.

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Chapter 22: Chocolate Orange Cookies.

(Four Months, Three Weeks Pregnant - Friday 11th December 2015.)

I know it has only been two days since Toby went away for training but in these two days, I have kept myself busy, well tried to anyway. I have been keeping myself busy by doing my school work and basically been working as I need to get some more money so I can pay for the twins. I know I only have a part time job which results in getting some money but not much money, but at least it's some money to go towards the twins.

I could have dropped out of school and get a full time job to be able to make more money that will go towards the twins however, I didn't want this to happen. I didn't want to drop out of school and not get my full a-levels that I have been working hard for nearly two years. I didn't want to drop out and waste all my hard work.

Adding onto this, I would like the twins to be able to look back at their life when they are older and see that their Mother is not just a waste of space and that she worked for her a-levels regardless what happened in the process. Also I don't want them to end up like me, sixteen or seventeen and pregnant with children. I know I can't really judge and I won't judge them if they tell me that they are pregnant but I just don't want them to get pregnant. I would like them to break the mould if you get me?

Like for instance, my Mother gave birth to me when she was still in secondary school and I am carrying on that tradition. I am also going to give birth to twins while I am still in education. I don't want them to do the same as I know what the consequences will be, I would and I am still going to suffer the consequences for the rest of my life.

Also let me just get this straight, I am not saying that I am regretting getting pregnant but I wouldn't mind also being twenty or older and pregnant with Toby's babies.

It's getting closer to Christmas, everyone has been busy getting ready for the festive season with shopping and playing Christmas songs. Usually you would start to listen to Christmas songs at the start of December but I am going to let you into a little secret, I started to listen to Christmas songs in June. Yes you heard right, that I started to listen to Christmas songs in June but I love Christmas and for a matter of fact, I only listened to Christmas songs for a couple of weeks.

While the month of September was still upon us, again I started to listen to Christmas songs like Christmas was going out of fashion. It also put me in a good mood when I started to listen to them.

It also gets me excited for when the twins are born, we can listen to Christmas songs together, while we bake cookies. Well this is in the real world, this will properly not even happen but a girl can hope right?


"So are you going to make cookies with us or not?" Jack asks me from the kitchen, getting the ingredients for the cookies out of the cupboard.

"Erm, yes sure." I reply back to him, putting my phone into lock mode, I place it onto the sofa next to me with my homework that I didn't bother to complete as I was too lazy and decided to search how tall and old my babies will be. Did you know the babies bones are hardening and that you will be able to see it on the x-ray. Then after I did this, I was going to start my work but then my laptop died and the twins were kicking about so I didn't bother to get my charger.

"Well you need to come, it's now or never?" He informs us.

Why does he have to keep talking, I will be here there in a minute, don't you know that you shouldn't push a pregnant women?

I get up from the sofa and trudge my way towards the kitchen. Once I get to the kitchen, Jack has already got all the ingredients out of the cupboards and measured them out. Sophie is by his side, waiting for her instructions.

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