Chapter 36: Streesful Day.

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Chapter 36: Stressful Day.

(*) Toby's Point Of View (*)

"Okay Adam, tell me what you have and then we can get all the food sorted out?" I ask Adam, checking my watch again for the fourth time together. I need to get everything sorted out before Lacey and I go and get Aria from the hospital as Alfie is already at home.

I can't believe that the twins are going to come home together; the twins haven't been home together and they haven't been together for two weeks.

Alfie went home before Aria did, he went home about two weeks ago and the nurse has been at home day and night helping me and Toby take care of Alfie. Apparently Lacey and I can't look after Alfie without help from the nurse as the nurse knows what she is doing and we don't know all the complicated stuff that Alfie and Aria need to be able to stay alive.

I wish I knew more about how to properly look after the twins but hopefully I will know how to look after them soon, as I feel like a spare part.

"Toby, what food are we cooking?" Adam asks me as he places the controller back into the cupboard. He comes across the room, into the kitchen, where I am at the moment. He then searches through the fridge and stares back at me. "Toby what food, I am doing all the work here and all you are doing is sitting on your arse and barking orders at me." He comments, slamming the fridge with a thud.

I just roll my eyes at him and get off the stall that I am currently sitting at, "I am doing stuff, I have taken Lacey away early this morning to distract her so she doesn't know about the party that we are throwing. So yes Adam, I am doing stuff, I am not just sitting on my arse and doing nothing!" I snap at him as he raises his hands in surrender. "Whatever." I mumble at him.

"So back to the point Mr stroppy, what food are we cooking, you have a lot of sh*t in here and I don't know what to cook or what not to cook." He informs me, leaning his body on the side.

Scratching my head, I think of foods that we can cook, "f*ck it, just cook everything, us men can eat the leftovers if there are foods left to eat." I inform him and he gives me a mock salute and fishes through the fridge and basically gets everything out of there.

My work/training is going good, I am doing part time at university which goes towards my career, its basically an apprenticeship with the company (the military base); that I learn at the university half of the time and then do combat and learn about the company the other half and I still have time to see the twins. Basically my life has been made and I am happy.

My brother and Lacey's family has been talking to the university and my boss and came to a decision that I and Lacey can do a part time degree from September for her and from last September for me to study half the time and the other half of the time, I can continue to work. For her, she studies half the time and the other time she can look after the twins at the apartment on campus which is good.

Suddenly, I get taken out of my thoughts by a loud beeping noise; the loud beeping noise is from the fire alarm. Whipping my head around, I face a scared looking Adam who has his mouth wide open; his arms flying in all directions. "What the?" I ask no one in particular. Adam continues to jump up and down, pointing at the flames that have now started on the cooker.

Quickly, I grab the tea towel off the kitchen table and throw it into the fire but nothing happens except that the fire continues to grow. The tea-towel lights up in flames so I quickly, look around the room for something to take away the flames. An idea comes to mind and I grab the flowers that Lacey got the other week, throwing the flowers on the floor and dumping the water onto the growing flames.

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