Chapter 09: I Don't Know How To Change A Nappy.

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Chapter 09: I Don't Know How To Change A Nappy.

(One Month, Three Weeks Pregnant - September 15th 2015.)

"Can you make that bloody doll shut up!" Adam groans, placing his pillow on the back of his head, covering his ears in the process, hoping to drain out the baby's cries.

This dolls cries may be real in nine months.

"I will just shut up, would you!" I protest, flicking the bed covers off my body. Instantly feeling the September chill. I place my feet on the cold floor, walking over to the cot, I pick up the doll.

My step-dad thought it will be good if there is a cot in the room so the baby (doll) can sleep in it. He also said that I should treat 'this doll like an actual baby as this is the only experience I will get before I actually have a child in about ten years'.

Oh god he is so wrong, I will be having children in nine months Jack.

The cot used to belong to Tom when he was a child, then Sophie used it and so did I. It's basically the families cot, whenever there is a new birth in the family, the baby gets to sleep in the cot.

Moving on, I pick up the doll. Cradling the dolls small body in mine, snuggling it up into my chest. "Come on, please shut up. Can we sleep?" I whisper into the dolls ears. Hoping the doll will get the message through it's thick skull.

"Yeah shut up!" Adam groans, picking up his head to moan at the doll and then he puts it back down.

Olivia stirs in her sleep, tossing towards Adam until she picks up her head. Well now it look she is awake. Now only Toby has to wake up then the doll will have woken up everyone in the room.

"What's going on?" She groans.

My phone vibrates on my side table, walking over to the side table, I pick up the phone with my free hand. Unlocking it, I see that I have a text from my Mom.

'I love you and all but if you don't shut that bloody doll up soon; I will hunt you down and there will be series problems.'

Dam, she really wants that doll to shut up. She's hasn't threatened me in that way since I snook out to my first ever party, got totally hammered and peed (naked may I add) in front of the house.

I got punished for that, I got grounded for a month and had to do the gardening for two months. I hated gardening then and still do.

I refuse to do it now.

Even when she offers me money.

"The dam doll woke us up again." Adam groans from under the pillow.

Hopefully the doll does not keep waking me up on Saturday night as I have work on Sunday. Hopefully Toby, Olivia or my parents can look after the doll while I am work. My boss will not be happy if I turn up to work with a doll.

I start to pace back and forth, rocking the doll back and forth. Trying to get it to be quiet and go back to sleep.

"Shh." I coo in the dolls ear, trying to make it be quiet or my friends and family will murder me in my sleep.

After about twenty minutes, the dolls cries get fainter and fainter. Slowly turning into nothing but heavy breathing.

Did you know the doll breaths as well, all it needs now is emotion and it will become an actual baby. The dolls eyes slowly closing, until it's sound asleep again.

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