Chapter 37: We Are Together, At Last (Epilogue.)

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Chapter 37: We Are Together, At Last (Epilogue.)

#Lacey's Point Of View#

I have been tapping my foot on the floor, nervously for the past ten minutes as I try to concentrate on what the nurse is saying. She is telling us how to look after the twins as they sometimes need help with breathing so the nurse that has been looking after the twins has given kept them in a small neonatal unit that gives the twins the care that they need.

Premature babies are similar to normal babies as they need the same love and care as normal birthed babies but they may need more intense care that helps with their body. For instance, Aria couldn't breath probably when she was born and both of them couldn't eat either so they had to get help through a drip. I have given them breast milk that took a long time as it would not come out in the first instance as my body wasn't ready but once I produced the milk, they had it through the drip and the tube that helped them too.

As the nurse is talking, I am trying hard to concentrate on what she is saying but there is a lot of information to take in; I feel like I am back at school. With all the information. Anyway, she said it may be common that the twins will suffer with breathing problems as their lungs may not have developed yet; apparently this is called: apnoea. The nurse has packed me an apnoea that I can take home which can help the babies. She has said what I can and can't do with the twins, for instance I can take them in the car but not for a long period of time as it can interfere with the breathing. She has also said when we take them to bed, they need to lie on their backs and the ideal temperature of the room that they ideally need to be in is 28 degree and then take it down to 18 degree after a couple of weeks.

Lastly, the nurse said if I have any problems with the twins, to call her directly and she has given us the number to her works phone. I and Toby have brought the neonatal unit workers (nurses and doctors) some chocolate and fruit to say thank you for keeping the babies healthy and dealing with our meltdowns for the past couple of months.

Truthfully I am scared to death to take the twins home together for the first time as when we took Alfie home for the first time, he was by himself and we could handle him, just him but now both of them are coming home. Don't get me wrong, I am happy that they are both coming home together but I am scared if I am watching one of them, that the other one will need my attention too.

I am scared that I am not going to be a good Mother to my already 3 months babies.

"Well that should cover all the information that I need to tell you about. If you have any problems then you have my number that you can call me on. I also will be popping by to do home visits." My face falls at this as I feel that she will judge me on how I am a Mother to my babies. She notices this too and she waves her hands in the air and shakes her head at us. "No Lacey, I am just checking on the twins. I won't be judging you at all. I am here for you two; I know it is going to be hard. Especially as you two are still in school but we are here to help. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact us." She says, giving us a scrap piece of paper with her works number on.

We say our thank yous and each of us then go and grab the twins, taking them to the car.

Ready or not, twins here you go, ready to go home.


"Is this speed okay?" Toby asks me, looking at me in the rear view mirror. I simply nod my head and look down at our children.

Aria on the left hand side of us and Alfie on the right; both of them tucked up with their blankets and both are faster asleep. They probably don't know what's going on but we do. They are coming home for the first time.

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