Chapter 19: He's Back And He Has A Confession.

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Chapter 19: He's Back And He Has a Confession.

(Four Months Pregnant - Monday 16th November 2015.)

It's been nearly two weeks since Toby came to me with the duffel bag and a load of problems. Since that day, he has been sleeping over my house so I am guessing he has unofficially moved in with my family.

He fits in the family well as he helps my Mother cook and he gets on with Sophie and Tom really well. The other day, we dropped Tom and Sophie off at school. We were a little cute family, with Sophie in her last year of primary school - year six. She will be moving up into secondary school next year. I need to guide her better as I don't want her to go down the same road of me, not that being pregnant is bad but it comes with a lot of problems.

When we went to drop Sophie and Tom off at school, people stared at us as I am four months pregnant and showing. Some people gave us disproval looks and Mothers turned their backs, guiding their children away from me. I didn't know I had a sign on my head which says – you are a disgrace and hide your children.

But there was this pack (all huddled together, talking)of Mothers and a Father (three Mothers and a Father) who gave me a small smile but give me a disapproval look which other parents gave me and Toby that day. I know it was a small gesture, a small smile but it meant the world to me as this small gesture put a smile to my face for the rest of the day.

"Okay class, you can go. I will see you and your parents or guardians later on for parents evening. Also remember that you have homework to do your Biology essay on; the title is – 'The structure and functions of carbohydrates.' Can you send it to me by Thursday? I know you don't have a lesson on Thursday but you can send it to me or go and bring it to me please?" My Biology teacher tells us.

The shriek of the bell goes off and the rest of the classmates start to collect up their belonging. "Lacey can you please speak to me in a minute?" She asks me, fixing her ponytail. Students quickly throwing them into their bags while I take my time as she wants to speak to me after class.

Once the class have got out of the class, I waddle over to the teacher, lately the babies have been kicking my stomach for long periods of time. Sometimes it knocks the wind out of me but sometime it doesn't. Also I can't do much exercise now as I am four months as the babies are growing. The doctor at the appointment, when I went yesterday said that I should do light exercise, like running and stretching.

The biology teacher is hastily typing on her laptop as I approach her. She looks up from her laptop, giving me a warm smile. "Okay, thanks for coming to see me. How are you getting on at the moment, in school?" She asks me.

"I think I am getting on good at the moment but the workload is stressful." I inform her, telling her the truth. I feel ever since I have become pregnant, I need to complete things quickly as I feel that I don't have enough time to do much. Besides going to appointments, doing homework and my job I feel that I haven't got much time anymore.

"Well I am going to be front with you; you are falling behind in Biology at the moment. It's not series at the moment but you have been getting solid B's; from last year when you got an A. I wanted you to stay at that level but with what happened this year, I feel you may fall behind a little." She tells me.

"I'm sorry, I will try to get higher." I reply, placing my hands onto the desk.

"You don't need to say sorry." She replies, I head for the door.


"Toby, Lacey. Someone is at the door for two." Jack informs me, walking into the lounge with Toby's brother in toe.

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