Chapter 01: Uneasy (Edited).

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Chapter 01: Uneasy (Edited).

(One Month Pregnant – August 24th 2015.)

Do you know that feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is not right at all; well I am having that feeling at the moment. Quite frankly I don't know why I am having this feeling as I have nothing to worry about as I have already completed my exams for this school year anyway.

However, as I sit across from Olivia I feel quite tired and I have an uneasy feeling in my stomach.

"What's the matter?" She asks me, raising her tanned brow at me. Olivia has blonde hair which goes all the way down to her curvy waist. Dashes of pink still in the ends of her hair from when she semi dyed it as the start of the summer holidays. Freckles around her eyes which looks good against her tanned skin which has been done curtsy of a sun bed that her Mother brought her last year as a 'I'm sorry gift'.

Her Mother brought it her to say sorry for the lack of time she has not been there for her daughter over the years, as her Father died in a car crash when Olivia was just three years old. Since then her Mother had to take over her Father's bakery business and is always working. So to say sorry for the lack of time she has not spent with Olivia over the years, she brought it for her.

To say Olivia is spoilt is an understatement as she is spoilt. There is no point sugar coating it. She has already got her first car picked out and brought. It's just waiting in their garage for when Olivia passes her driver's test.

Not to sound jealous (because I'm not, as I use her sun bed sometimes), but she got the sun bed just before she received her first hand car last August. She received the car as a 'well done present' for passing her GCSE's without failing them.

"Lacey what's the matter? Why are you spacing out again?" She asks me, waving her hands in front of my vision, taking me out of my gaze.

"Nothing my stomach just hurts that's all." I inform her, propping my elbows on the marble table, resting my chin in my hands. Sighing I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding in.

"Oh is it your time?" She asks, picking up her drink from the table and taking a long gulp out of it. Flicking her gaze from the drink to myself, I just shrug my shoulders at her.

"So is it? Can you stop ignoring me? Something has been up with you for ages and I don't know what it is." She explodes, raising her voice which makes some of customers heads turn around in their seats and stare at us. She rolls her eyes at me while my cheeks turn red due to the people looking at us. No thanks to her.

Thanks a lot Olivia now all of them will be thinking I am on my period. I don't want my personal information being shared out to the world; it isn't nice.

"I don't know." I grumble. "Anyway can we just go now as everyone is looking at us and it is annoying me." I inform her, taking the last swig of my drink. I lay it back down and grab my bag from the back of my chair.

"It's properly down to your hormones as you always get grumpy before your period. Anyway I need to pop by the chemist before we go home." She tells me, getting up from the chair after grabbing her coat and bag. She makes her way across the restaurant towards the door. In the meantime, she has put her coat on.

While I just stand there putting my coat on. I can't multi-task - well that's what my family have told my anyway. Once I have zipped it up, I trudge over towards Oliver.

Opening the black metal door and stepping out into the cold Sunday night air. The cold air hitting my face and my bare skin. Quickly I put my hands into my pockets. I know it's September and still technically summer but summer here in England doesn't last very long at all.

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