Chapter 13: Bingo! We Have A Winner.

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Chapter 13: Bingo! We Have A Winner.

(2 Months, 3 Weeks Pregnant– October 16th 2015.)

"Well thank you Toby for the date. I really enjoyed the date and the company." I tell him as he stops the car beside my house, smiling.

"It was my pleasure." He says to me, leaning over the gearstick – towards me. He gives me a quick kiss on the lips. "I really enjoyed it too." He says, in between kissing. I grip his jacket while we kiss. The kiss goes keeper until I feel his tongue tingle at my lips. Opening my mouth, I give him access to explore my mouth.

After a couple more minutes of us making out, we have to pull back due to not having enough oxygen going towards our lungs. "Okay I will see you later on. I have a ton of university work that I need to get done by next week. Or I will be in the dog house." Toby adds, smiling.

"See you soon then." I say, grabbing my bag from the floor, I unlock my seatbelt and open the door. Heading out of the car, I give Toby a little quick wave and make my way up the driveway.

Turning the knob of the door, I open the door and walk through it. Closing it behind me, I walk into the silent hallway. The lights are on but I am not sure no one is home. I am full to the brim after eating all the food in the restaurant and eating the popcorn at the movie. But I still want something more.

The movie was really good, the film was between romantic and action. I haven't watched a film with both Brat Pitt and Angelina Jolie in since I watched that but now I want to go out to the nearest DVD store and buy all the films with both of them in there. However, I only think that they have been in a total of three films together and the third film is going to be out this October I think.

But at the moment, I want some more food, I now I am pig but after all I am eating for three people, not just one anymore. I fancy a hot chocolate and a white chocolate buttons. Walking into the kitchen, I turn on the light. Walking towards the kettle, I pick it up and turn it left and right to see if there is any water left in there. Which there is not.

Then I turn the tap on and fill the kettle with cold water. After I placed the kettle on the stand, I go to top cabinet by the kettle and grab a packet of white chocolate buttons. Turning around, ready to sit down on one of those stalls by the island but I come face to face with my Mother and Jack.

Both look p*ssed off and sad. "What's going on?" I ask them, my Mother's arms are crossed and Jacks arms are stretched out over the island with his hands together.

"What do you think is going on?" she asks me. I take a seat on the island, opening the packet of white chocolates.

"I don't know." I inform her because I honestly don't know what she is saying; I just got back from my date and I am so confused.

"How are you feeling at the moment?" Jack asks me, giving me a stern look. I just shrug at both of them and plop a piece of white chocolate into my mouth.

The click of the kettle goes off and I place my white chocolate onto the island. Walking over to the cabinet, I get a dog cup. Placing it onto the side. "Can we have one each too please? I want a coffee with no sugar. Jack would like a tea, if it is too much to ask." She says to me and I just roll my eyes at her.

I grab two cups from the cabinet and put them onto the side. Opening the coffee pot, I get three spoons from the draw and place one spoon in each cup. Getting a spoon of coffee from the pot, I place it into the cup. Closing the pot, I open the tea pot and put one tea bag into an empty cup. Then I open the higher cabinet and reach for my hot chocolate, unscrewing the cap, I get three heaped tea spoons from the hot chocolate. Putting three heaped tea spoons into the cup. After I have done this, I get the kettle, which is bloody hot. After I poured the hot water into three of the cups; I fetch the milk from the fridge and pour some milk into all the cups. After I have put it away, I get the tea bag from the cup with the spoon, putting it into the bin by the door.

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