Chapter 24 - Getting Lost In This Moment Forever.

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Chapter 24: Getting Lost In This Moment Forever.

(Five Months, One Week Pregnant – Friday 25th December 2015.)

I and Olivia stayed up all hours of the night, well if you count most of the night. Waiting for the boys to show up. We stayed up till eleven o'clock (haha night howlers) and then I had to go to bed. Well we fell asleep watching Orange Is The New Black in bed.

I also felt sick most of the night, waiting for them to come home. But in the end, no-one showed up which caused me and Olivia to worry even more. Scared that something happened to them while they were on their way back.

During the first hour, I just felt a little nervous, in the second hour, that nerves turned up a notch, turning into only 40% of myself getting nervous. As the night went on, well as the hour went on, my nerves turned up a notch more. The doctors told me to not get stressed out while pregnant as it cannot do the twins any good. Last night, I got stressed out, which didn't do the twins any good.

As it got to nine o'clock my nerves were at maximum, I was phoning both Adam's and Toby's phone but no one picked up their phones, I am guessing that there phones were out of battery. Mine and Olivia's phone was out of battery last night but we could plug it in, they couldn't do this as I don't think they took a phone charger or brought a new phone charger (a in car phone charger) as Adam's broke.

I also woke up in the middle of the night – twice. Once to go to the toilet as I really needed it as my bladder is the size of a pee because well I am pregnant. The second time I got up was because I think I was worried. I am worrying about Toby and Adam and the fact that they aren't back yet, properly woke me up.

I woke up about ten minutes ago, at two o'clock in the morning, I only had three hours sleep, well a bit less than that as I went to the toilet an hour ago. Toby and Adam invading my thoughts, stealing my sleep away, just like my babies will do in a couple of months.

Grabbing my phone from the side table, I press the home button, lighting up the dark room, squinting my eyes as its dark in here, I let out a huff. I can't get back to sleep again, I just keep staring at the ceiling, wondering when they will arrive back. Checking my messages, I let out another huff as I don't have any new messages.

Pulling back my sheets, the cold invades my skin and I sit up. Thinking what to do with myself as I stare at Olivia sleeping peacefully in the bed next to me. Walking over to the door, I quietly turn the knob and walk out of the dark room into the landing which is lit up like a Christmas tree – all the landing lights are on.

Making my way downstairs, I walk into the lounge, getting greeted by a lit up Christmas tree and presents under there. Plopping down on the sofa, I wrap my arms around my chest as I stare at the Christmas tree.

Christmas is meant to be shared with your family and your friends; celebrating new life and happy thoughts. But I am here, sitting by myself scared about when Toby and Adam will arrive as Adam went ages ago to pick Toby up, he hasn't come back and this makes me scared.

Letting out another sigh, I walk into the kitchen and start to make myself a hot chocolate as hopefully that will help me settle my nerves. As I am just putting the water into the mug, the kitchen door opens and I whip my head around to meet my Mothers worried gaze. She lets out a squeal and blocks her eyes from the bright light. "Lacey what's wrong? Is it the babies?" She questions me, walking towards me, she places a hand on my stomach, giving me a worried look.

"No Mom, I am okay. There is nothing wrong with the babies but there is something wrong with Toby and Adam as they haven't come back. Mommy I am worried about them. What if something terrible happened to them? Mom I don't know what to do if something terrible has happened to them, Toby's the babies Daddy! I don't know what I will do if I lose him." I babble, opening my arms, I embrace her warm comforting arms. She never fails to not disappoint me.

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