Chapter 26: Shall I?

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Chapter 26: Shall I?

(Six Months Pregnant - 11th January 2016.)

Fun fact of the day, when you are pregnant, you can pee in a policeman's helmet. When I told Toby earlier, he just laughed at me and told me that I am weird. I am that weird and even if I am weird, I learn from the best which is him as I have spent an awful amount of time with him recently as we are going out and he is the baby daddy.

One half of me wants to do it, pee in a policeman's helmet but I know I won't do it because I am too scared to actually ask a policeman if I can borrow their helmet to pee in. It will just be a really awkward situation to be in and don't get me started on what they will actually say or what expression will be written on their face.

So there you go, the fun fact of the day, but I know I won't actually do it as I am too scared to.

The trip with the others was really good, to celebrate the end of the year and the end of our freedom for a couple of years (or forever) because after I and Olivia give birth, us and the boys/men (whatever they call themselves nowadays) will have to dedicate our life and our free time to look after our babies. I am quite excited for it though, it will be strange as I have never had a child before and I only have had to look after a child for a couple of hours rather than for a lifetime.

New Year was an amazing day, staying away from home was a different experience but having my closest friends by my side brought it all together. They made my New Year a perfect one and a night to remember. We all went out for a meal at an American diner and then afterwards we went to the beach and sat under the stars until the countdown began. I know it doesn't seem like a good night or a very exciting night but it was a good night. I really enjoyed the night, simple but so special. I don't think you need a big full on night, you can just have a night which is special to you.

However, the drive back wasn't the greatest as we left too late in the day and ended up hitting the work traffic and now I am pregnant, I have a really small bladder so I had to stop a couple of times to the boys dismissal. But they can't moan, they don't really contribute to the whole pregnancy process.

Adding onto this, the boys got a bit annoyed at I and Olivia because we needed the toilet quite a lot; we stopped twice but apparently they didn't want to stop at all on the way back. They didn't want to stop on a car journey with two heavily pregnancy and hormonal children. When I wanted to go to the toilet, the services were about 23 miles away which was annoying as we were in the car for a long term, my legs were crossed and I had to bite down on my tongue. Trying to distract myself from the peeing and tried to think about the pain on my tongue.

#_# Flashback to the car drive. #_#

Taking my headphones out of my ear, I place them onto my lap. Groaning out of boredom, I hit pause on my phone, sighing I puff my checks out and stare out of the window.

"How long left?" Olivia whines from the seat next to me. She hastily types away on her phone.

Adam lets out a groan and whips his head to face her annoying face. "You just asked that!" He replies back, he quickly turns his head around to face the front again. Focusing on the road ahead.

"Yeah but that was a long time ago and this is now." She replies to him, dropping her phone into her lap.

"Toby remind me to never go on holiday or a car journey with Olivia." Adam comments, giving a driver in front the middle finger as the car doesn't indicate when it moves into the lane that we are currently in.

"Hey, you love me really." Olivia bites back.

"Yeah I know but you are annoying." Adam states.

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