Chapter 02: Crying (Edited).

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Chapter 02: Crying (Edited).

(One Month Pregnant- August 24th 2015.)

"Olivia can you please calm down and speak slower as I cannot hear toy properly." I say through the phone.

"Okay." She cries, the next couple of seconds I hear Olivia breathing over the other line. I think she is trying to get her breathing under control before she can talk to me and before I can understand what she is saying.

"You okay?" I ask her once I hear that her breathing is at okay rate and she is not breathing as heavy.

"Yeah I think." She answers. "Okay I took the test and it came back positive. Lace I am pregnant. I am bloody pregnant at the age of seventeen. Like I can't even financially support a child, not even taking into account what my parents are going to think. Let alone Adam. Lace I don't know what to do, let alone think." She rambles, at the end of her speech, her breath gets quicker and she breaks down again - crying.

"Oh Liv, it will be okay. Your parents can support you if you want to keep the baby an-" I start to say until she interrupts me.

"I want to keep it. I don't want to kill an innocent foetus because the condom broke which neither of us knew until after." She babbles on, stopping often to blow her noise.

"That's true. Liv I think I may be pregnant or ill." I explain to her, lowering my voice as I don't want my parents to hear me.

I don't want them to know anything until I know for definitely that I am pregnant.

"Why?" She asks as I open up Netflix's on my laptop. Signing in and clicking play on 'Orange Is the New Black' season one, episode nine.

Pipers face coming onto the screen, I pause it as I continue to talk to Olivia. I will watch that later, after Olivia goes off the phone.

"Because I ate dinner and then I brought it back up. Adding onto this, I have had an uneasy feeling in my stomach all day. What if I am?" I ask Olivia.

What will I do if I am pregnant; I instantly know how Olivia is feeling, well was feeling as she knows that she is pregnant.

"Oh well at least we can be pregnant together." She informs me. "Anyway I need to go, my Mother is calling me downstairs." She tries being funny by the first sentence but it just makes me sigh. Then we say our goodbyes, hanging up.

Thoughts are running through my head, thoughts that I never knew that I would be thinking at a young age.

What if I am pregnant?

What will I do?

Would I keep the baby?

Well yes I would keep the baby but I need to tell the baby daddy first.

I need to tell Toby.

I grab my phone from the bed next to me and scroll through my contacts until my thumb is near his contact. I am about to press it but I stop myself, maybe this is something that I should do in person.

Changing my mind, I put my phone back down onto my bed and start up Netflix's as my laptop screen has gone black due to not using it for a couple of minutes.

I sign in again and hit play. Piper's voice rings through the room and I am indulged with 'Orange Is the New Black'.


(One Month, Two Weeks Pregnant – September 7th 2015.)

"Another year, another boring time in school." Olivia says as we enter the school building.

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