Chapter 32: A Long Process To A Magical Moment.

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Chapter 32: A Long Process To A Magical Moment.

(Seven Months, One Week Pregnant - 16th February 2016.)

(#) Lacey's Point Of View (#)

The only thing I remember before I blacked out was the pool of liquid around my feet, red and yellowish liquid all around my feet. The continuous pain from my vagina and stomach, it felt like stabbing pains and it was the worst thing that I have ever felt before. The second worst thing that I felt was the car accident, it all happened in one day, it all happened three hours ago.

Now as I am getting wheeled into the hospital room, my whole body aches and I feel like I cannot give birth to the twins, I just want to give up but I know that I cannot as I need to give birth to them. I am a mess at the moment, my hair has been loosely tied up on the top of my head and my clothes are all torn.

Once we enter the room, the wheelchair stops at the bed and a nurse makes her way over to my side, I try and give her a weak smile but she knows it half-hearted. "Okay Lacey, I and my colleague here are going to lift you up onto this bed, then we are going to check your vitals." She informs me and I just nod my head. As her colleague approaches, he puts the breaks on the wheelchair and they both lift me up onto the cold bed. I don't like the fact that they are doing everything for me but I can't help it as my body feels like it is going to give up.

I try and get comfy in the bed as I move my shoulders around, the nurse comes over to my side with a needle and a machine that I don't know the name of. "I am just going to put this in your arm now and check your vital organs and see how the twins are. Then my colleague is going to come in and see if you are okay. He is going to check to see if you have any injuries from the accident." She tells me and I just nod my head.

I can't believe that I am in this state, just being in a car accident and now I am in labour with the twins at only seven months and I know that isn't good at all. I am scared and alone and I don't even know what happened to Toby. My thoughts drift towards Toby and my face goes pale and I feel all of a sudden cold. A nurse passes the door and I scream for her to come here, once she does that, I say, "Where is Toby, Toby Scott. He was in the accident with me and now I don't know where he is. He is the Father of the twins and I need him." I quickly say to the nurse who is giving me a sympathy look.

"Okay I will try and find him but the best thing you can do at the moment is sit back and try to relax, I know it is hard for you but you need to try to do that. Is there anyone who you would want me to contact?" She asks me, walking towards the door.

Well yes, Toby of course, I think as a rub my stomach, silently telling the twins to stay okay and that I love them.

"Toby and my Mother and Jack." I say to her and she nods her head and leaves the room. For the next forty minutes, I get asked questions about the accident, what things I can remember about it and what I cannot. All of the accident, I can remember sadly. Then I get prodded with different kinds of needles and then after this, I get x-rayed to see if I have any injures. Which I do by the way, I have got a broken rib and fractured my left arm, alongside that I have a mild concussion from the impact of the car.

Sadly however, the doctors and the nurses cannot see if the twins are oaky as the x-ray machine doesn't tell them if the twins are oaky, the picture isn't clear enough apparently.

For the next half an hour it's just basically a waiting game, waiting for everyone to come and waiting for the nurse to tell me about the labour. My Mother rushes into the room about twenty minutes later with Jack following quickly behind her, as she notices my face and my body (alongside my injuries), she storms over to me and cups my face, kissing both of my checks. Let's just say she looks tired with noticeable bags underneath her eyes and her eyes are puffy from where she has been crying. "Lacey, Lacey my baby. I didn't think you would make it. I'm so glad you did, what about the twins, are they okay?" She asks me and Jack gives me a smile before taking a seat on the chair by the window. I think he feels uncomfortable.

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