"Shiho and the Photo" Part 1

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Okay, welcome back to another Story of, "Will love come this Fall?" So, Today, I will be centering this story on Shiho.

Normal Pov

Shiho, Mai and Aki were on their way to one of their favorite hang outs, the ramen shop. Aki was walking backwards, facing Mai and Shiho, they were talking about what type of ramen they want to get. "Hey, Shiho..." Aki asked. "What?" Shiho said. "I've been thinking but... last week. I saw something." Aki said, in a suspicious way. "What was it?" Shiho asked. "Mai, you saw it too, remember?" Aki said. Mai nodded. "WOULD YOU FUCKING TELL ME ALREADY!" Shiho screamed, not in the mood. Aki and Mai both smiled. "Aki, show her the photo." Mai said. Shiho was feeling pretty pissed right not. "Here it is." Aki said, then she gave her phone to Shiho, Shiho quickly scrolled down, to see the picture, and her eyes widen, she felt a blush creep up on her face. She looked up at her friends, who were snickering, and looked back down to the photo. "You took a photo!" Shiho screamed. "Yep!" Aki said. "I'M DELETING IT!" Shiho was about to hit the trash button, before Aki pulled it out of her hand. "No!" Aki said. "Aki, delete it. NOW!" Shiho said, getting angry. "Now, guys. Don't fight." Mai said.

"Delete. IT!" Shiho said again, taking a stop toward Aki, who just took a step back. "If you catch me!" Aki screamed. (Aki is pretty fast at running) Then she started to run away, toward the ramen shop. "AKI!" Shiho started chasing her. "Ah, mante~" Mai said, staring to run, and catch up with the two best friends.

What could that Photo be? Why is Shiho so angry, yet, she's embarrassed to? Find out next time on, "Will love come this Fall?" I purposely kept it short.

I do not own Fruit Basket, Pictures, Music or Videos, if any. I only own the plot and the Oc. Okay, Bye-bye.

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