"I'm sick-secret revealed" Part 2

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So, welcome back to “Will love come this Fall?” Thank you so much for reading my story. Also, I would like to state something here, I am probably going to add some romance, with not only between Kyo and Aki, but some other zodiac members, because, for some reason, I’m the type of girl, when there is a lot of Harem in it. I do not own Fruit Basket, Videos, Music, and Pictures. Only the plot and Oc. Now, let’ start,

Hajimari, Hajimari~

Last time on, "Will love come this Fall?"...

The door suddenly opened, appearing Aki, then *Poof* "Hey, you left your...." Aki stared down at Yuki's bed. She just saw a human, sick Yuki turn into a Rat, sick Yuki.

Normal Pov

Aki stared down at the rat; she dropped the bag that was out of her hands. Her mouth was wide open; she held the same expression she was when she entered the room. “Um, Miss Hana-san, this is not what you think.” Hatori said, coming closer toward Aki. Aki looked at the rat, which was struggling inside his clothes, when it popped out of the clothes; she looked at its features. “AAAAAAHHHHHH~!” Aki screamed. Everyone came rushing into the room, “What’s wrong?” Tohru said. “What the hell happened?” Kyo said, as he came, coming threw the window. Shigure entered in, “What’s with all the noise?” He said.

Aki was now, up against the wall, pointing at Yuki the rat. Hatori was mentally slapping himself, and Shigure, Yuki, and Kyo were all thinking, pretty much different thoughts, but if you pretty much sum it up, they really thought, “Oh, crap”

Couple minutes later, down stairs…

Everyone was sitting around the table, Tohru was serving some tea. “Here have some tea.” Tohru said, handing a cup to Aki. “A- arigato.” Aki said, trying to get herself together. “Well, Hatori, should we tell her?” Shigure asked, sipping some tea. “Well, I guess we have no choice, but, I’m worried what the outcome is.” He said, stirring his tea around. “Aki…” Shigure said. Aki jumped a little. “Ha-… hair?” She asked. “Well, Aki, we will tell you about the Sohma’s family secret.” While those three were talking, Kyo was just mumbling things like, “Stupid Rat.”

After explaining…

“So, to recap, when we zodiac members are hugged by the opposite sex, or under the deal of a lot of stress or pain, we transform into are zodiac forms.” Aki looked at them shocked. “This… this isn’t a joke right?” She questioned. “I’m afraid not.” He said. “Than that time…?” Aki said, thinking she said it to her self, but, Kyo and Shigure caught it. “That time?” They questioned.

(The first Episode) Aki explains it…

“Ugh, I knew someone was their.” Kyo said, punching the table; Kyo slightly laughing, but for one of those awkward things, “Now, now Kyo.” Hatori said, taking another sip. “Well, I guess you did witness it.” He said. Though, Aki started to wonder something. “Ne, I have a question.” Aki said. “Yes, are little autumn flower?” Shigure sang. “Um, well, you said that when ever the zodiac members hug the opposite sex, they transform, right…?” She said. “Yes, that’s correct.” Hatori said, eyeing her.

“But, how is that possible. I mean, Shigure, Kyo and Yuki hugged me, and they didn’t transform?” She said. Hatori eyes widen, so did Tohru’s, Hatori almost dropped his cup. “Shigure, Kyo, is that true?” Hatori said, like he really wanted the answer. “Yes, it’s true.” Shigure said. “You mean they really didn’t transform?” Tohru asked Aki. Aki nodded. “That’s very strange.” He said, thinking. “That’s what I thought also.” Kyo said. Shigure smiled, “So, Kyo, you hugged Aki…” He said teasingly. Kyo’s face was practically turned red. “What about you, she said that you hugged her to, you freaked pervert dog!” He said, getting up and pointing at Shigure. “Now Kyo, that wasn’t very nice.” Shigure said, with fake anime tears on.  A sigh came from Hatori.

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