"He's got strange colored hair and he got me in Detention" Part 2

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Hajimari, Hajimari~

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Aki's Pov

Someone please tell me why he! Is taking me home? I turn my head, to face the guy, he was just walking with his hands in his pockets, when he turned toward me, noticing me starring at him, I quickly looked back toward the front, with a tint of pink appearing on my face, crap this. While I was embarrassed, I didn't realize that my shoes were untied, I stumbled to trip on them, about to fall over my face, someone gripped my waist, it was a guy, but what shocked me, was he was also shocked.

Colored Hair guy...

What?!... Why?!.... didn't I... change!

Normal Pov

Aki dusted herself off, as she was just put back on the ground, touching it with her own two feet. She sighed, "Thanks, if you didn't catch me, I would of fallen flat on my face." Aki crouched down, to tie her shoes, while doing so, this, '?' was starring at her, with an suspicious look. He didn't know what to expect, was what it seemed. "Okay, so that's over and done with. Who are you and why are you taking me home?" Aki said, as they continued to walk. He stared at her plainly. "My name is-" "AKI! There you are!" The two of them turned their heads toward the voice, it was Tohru and Kyo. They slowly slowed down when they saw ?. "What are YOU doing here?" Kyo said, making the word, You clear enough. Tohru just stared.. "WOULD SOMEONE JUST TELL ME WHO THIS PERSON IS!" Aki said, ready to punch someone. Everyone tensed up.

"My name is, Hatsuharu Sohma. Plus it's very nice to see you again Ms. Honda, Kyo." He said plainly. "Nice to see you again, Haru." Tohru said all happily. "Yeah, might be nice to you, but not me." Kyo said. Next thing you know, Kyo was dodging left to right from Haru's punches. "What the?!" Aki stated as he saw Haru, the quite guy, out of now where, start to fight Kyo. "Man Kyo, your throwing punches like a girl. Hurry up and hit, c'mon, hit me!" Haru said. He looked different, like darker, almost know as the personality... black. "Oh, no, Black Haru." Tohru said, looking worried.

"Black... Haru?" Aki questioned. The two girls stood their, listening to the conversation of Kyo and Haru. "That punch didn't even hurt!" Haru said. "Would you just shut up!" Kyo screamed. "Beside, what why are you even here, let alone, walking Aki home?" Kyo said, ducking down, and jumping. "Oh, I was just making sure the girl was safe. Why, you jealous Kyo, worried that I might snag little Aki away from you. You already have Tohru don't you?" Haru said. Smirking. Aki felt a tug at the last sentence Haru said. Kyo was blushing. Tohru... was dense. "Beside, I thought, I could make, little Aki my girl." Haru finished. Aki blushed madly at this, well, admit it, Haru is cute. Kyo didn't know why he was upset with just what he said. Did he have feeling for Aki, or, is it just how Haru acts that irritates him. He didn't know, but, he just couldn't help but smile, when he threw Haru on the floor.

 "Don't you get near her!" Kyo screamed. He huffed and puffed, out of breath, when Haru got up, "What happened?" Haru said. Yep, normal Haru back in the house, Aki sweat dropped, still needing an explanation. Aki walked up toward Hatsuharu. "Hey dude, are you all right?" She asked, crouching down, eye level with him. Haru just stared for awhile, and nodded. "Hm... well, just out of curiosity... could you part of..." Aki trailed. Waiting to see if he understood, which he did. "Yes. I am, I am the OX." He said. Plainly, as Aki helped him up. "This might be rude to ask but are you a bo-" "I'M A FREAKING GIRL!" Aki screeched, knowing where this was about to lead. "Hm..." Haru said, before, he somehow got behind her. Then, guess if you know what is going to happen....

he hugged her. "EH...!" Aki said so confused, she was going to elbow him in the stomach, but he was hugging her quite tight. "Dude! Let go!" Aki said. "Hm, how interesting.." Haru said, ignoring her pleads, before finally, "LET HER GO!" Kyo hissed, before separating Aki and Haru, hugging her in the process to defend her. Aki felt her heart beat fast. 'OMG, OMG, OMG! ALHFDOVUEIBG! KYO!' She thought. Before feeling heat bleach her cheeks, by showing pink. "Um... Kyo." Tohru said. Kyo noticed, and realized what he did, blushing. "Anyway Haru, why don't you come and let us explain everything to you, same with you Aki." Tohru said.

The two agreed, and walked to the house.

Yeah, I know really short, it's because, I gotten really tired because I was writing a chapter for this other fan fiction I'm going to make, and dang it took forever, and I am still not done. You will understand, once you see it, but right now it's not out, and that was only the first chapter. Anyway thanks for reading, and took in for part 3. I do not own Fruit Basket, Music, Videos or Pictures if any. I only own the plot and the Oc.

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