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Welcome back to another chapter of, "Will love come this Fall?" Sorry for the slow update; so much school work. I've been sad because my mom is on a business trip, so I won't see her for a while. But she's coming back soon. :D

First, I do not own Fruit Basket, Music, Video or Picture if any, they go to whoever made them. I do own the OC and the plot line. Sorry for errors or misspelling or any of the sort.

Also, today is a small, but special chapter for something. Please look forward for...

Hajimari, Hajimari~

 Last time on, "Will love come this Fall?"...

"She's better than that other woman, that  Kisa always calls, "Onee-chan." He smirked to himself. He grabbed his shoe and placed it back on his feet. "What was that woman's name again? Aki Hana was it?" He smiled mischievously. As he started to walk and follow Aki.

She stomped at the floor, angered at Kyo for ditching her. They were alike in so many ways, we always got along yet he... "Yet he..." Something streamed down from the blonde's face. She bit at her lip, trying to hold something back. "He just played with me..."  She dropped her bag. Covering her face with her shaking hands. "Kyo Sohma. You idiot!" She stood there standing. Waiting for the tears to stop. After half an hour passes, she collected her bag. And walked away. But, before she could mourn anymore, she took one single step with a pained smile. "But he's an idiot that I like."


"More out of the way!" A familiar orange haired teen screamed. Pushing people out of his way, in a rush. Apologizing to those he bumped into. "Ugh! That darn Akito, calling me in. And I promised Aki to meet her. I hope she's not mad." Kyo winced in his mind. The thought of Aki's face, feeling betrayed. And looking at him, for he was the cause. "DAMN!" And his speed increased. But, by the time he would try and make it, Aki would of been gone. Gone with a broken heart.

But, if you are all wondering. How does Akito play into this? Well, let's just see how.


Aki sighed. She sat in the park, eating some Takoyaki. She watched as little kids played with bubbles. "Hm, it might be nice to be a kid again." Her eyes dull. She picked another Takoyaki, and popped it into her mouth. "So I don't have to have stupid crushes. Now that I think about it, when did I realize I liked Kyo?" Little kids started to part ways, cowering at the person passing. A handsome "Man" with a black- turtle neck sweater walked by. His target landed on are little fall flower. "Aki Hana-san..." Aki's eyes snapped open toward the voice. Her eyes widen. The "man" was beautiful, with dark black locks, and pale skin. But the look of his eyes held hatred toward her, but bitter sadness. But she couldn't peal her eyes away from the person's black onyx eyes. Blue-gray clashed with Onyx-black. 'I feel like, I have seen this person before...' She felt a shiver down her spine. As "he" edged closer toward her. Soon when they were both next to each other, the "man" lifted his pail hand. And touched Aki's cheek.

Suddenly something flashed into Aki's mind, 'An old memory?' The two continued the gaze. But this memory, this was a memory that will  change her life forever. Than, something came out of her mouth, something that rotated the start of the path. The wheels of fate started to run to a new tail.


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