I need your heart by Agnysya0806
I need your heartby Yoonrose shipper
Laki-laki suka ditantang Dan Perempuan suka menantang Aneh, tapi itulah takdir Ya, takdir Takdir yang mempertemukan 'mereka' 12+(karena umur 12 tahun-an udah kenal suka...
  • naufal
  • raudea
  • rahendra
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DDLC Fanfiction by UndertaleSans2005
DDLC Fanfictionby Yumiko
New characters arrive in the Doki Doki Literature Club and things only get more deadly. Note: Some scenes in the story or ideas are NOT from the game and may be incorre...
  • hana
  • justmonika
  • monika
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Overwatch High by xXShadowTwilight12Xx
Overwatch Highby CutieKitty
Read meh book plez
  • ana
  • phara
  • reaper
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Tình yêu không gọi mà đến! by SaotomeAko7
Tình yêu không gọi mà đến!by Saotome Ako
Vào chuyện là sẽ biết liền à.
  • kinata
  • syaoran
  • hana
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A Lullaby For A Prince(Yoonmin Fiction) by Kim_TaeTae97
A Lullaby For A Prince(Yoonmin Fic...by Kim_TaeTae97
သူေဌးသားမ်ားျဖစ္ေသာ္လည္း Playboyႏွင့္စာၾကမ္းပိုးေကာင္ေလးေတ်ာက္ ေက်ာင္း၌ ဆံုမိခဲ့ရာမွ...........
  • hana
  • mintae
Aquela Intuição (ShinoKiba) by kalinebogard
Aquela Intuição (ShinoKiba)by Kaline Bogard
Dia de festival na escola. Os alunos se reunem para fazer as atividades que apresentarão para os pais e comunidade. Tsume está se divertindo, curiosa para ver o resultad...
  • slash
  • naruto
  • shino
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fire emblem Clair's life by creeperknowsrosalina
fire emblem Clair's lifeby creeperknowsrosalina
yes this is the same Clair that appears in the adventures of Mario...this time with her own book
  • hana
  • clair
  • minerva
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My Hana by SuperRav
My Hanaby ❖I’m Just A Boy❖
She was his flower. He was the heart of her. Donnie was always one for never having fun. The only thing he was to do was work on helping the team through science stuff...
  • love
  • fight
  • hana
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Next Generation by SamSamthemoose
Next Generationby Cara
Spencer and Toby have a daughter who grows up to be beautiful. She has her mother's eyes, and her father's Face. But when Her future doesn't seem so bright, Will a myste...
  • alison
  • delighlia
  • spencer
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Error -MYG- by 14taehhyung14
Error -MYG-by -Young Hee-
Baştan planlanmış bir labirent ve bir sürü hata sonucu hayatını kaybeden 1015 insan... Sadece o labirentte canlı kalan 6 kişi ve bir sürü birbirinden tehlikeli canavar...
  • pjm
  • hoseok
  • minyoongi
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My disease by JessIsAMixtape
My diseaseby creativePancake
A hanahaki story
  • flower
  • hana
  • hanahaki
The Girl With The Gloved Hands by Keefe1
The Girl With The Gloved Handsby #Sokeefe shipper
On her twelfth birthday, she became cursed. If she ever touched a living thing, it would die. She wears black gloves to cover her curse but, secrets do not stay secrets...
  • keefe1
  • originalstory
  • hana
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•It's life again/°\ انها الحياة مجددا• by Naxzyhxa
•It's life again/°\ انها الحياة مج...by Naxzyhxa
الحياة مليئة بتجارب و الاختبارات بناء شخصيتك تكون بناء على هذه تجارب منها الجميلة و منها الحزينة لكن الأهم أن لا تفقد الامل فبعد كل نهاية بداية جديدة
  • الحياة
  • حب
  • الامل
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Hana's Magical World! by 1-800-Chicken
Hana's Magical World!by Bleh
Admin:don't ask why.
  • hana
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Emotions || K.TH by elizaranga
Emotions || K.THby chickennugget
these stupid emotions of mine. Credits to: @jeonmel for cover Check her out, She's ice!
  • haneul
  • hana
  • jungkook
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Letting you go.... by Nousha2018
Letting you go....by Nousha2018
Finally she was able to let go and start the journey to find herself back .
  • hana
La Creación de un Mundo Nuevo(Historia,Razón de su existencia,Creación) by SolchuSuarez
La Creación de un Mundo Nuevo(Hist...by MiikoChan
Acá les voy a contar un poco de la creación,sobre lo que mantiene con existencia al personaje y su historia. no les prometo que sera lo mejor que lean,pero espero que le...
  • dinosaurio
  • etc
  • creación
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constellation ヽ fakegram by LQHANA
constellation ヽ fakegramby ✧
when i look at the stars, i think of you.
  • hana
Natsumi and Hana  by DyishaThompson
Natsumi and Hana by Dyisha Thompson
The journeys of Natsumi and Hana
  • hana
  • magic
  • natsumi