Kagura's Jealousy Part 1- Kagura's Proposition

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Hello~! Welcome to another chapter of, "Will love come this Fall?' Thank you all for reading my story and comment so I know what you thought. I will take flames. Okay before we start,

I do not own Fruit Basket, Music, Videos or Pictures if any. I only own the plot and the Oc. Okay... Let's start,

Hajimari, Hajimari~...

Kagura's Pov

"Kyo-kun, Kyo-kun. I'm going to see him. Kyo-kun, Kyo-kun, is in love with me. Haha~ nana, nana,~" Today I'm going to see Kyo, and make him say, "I love you."

I wonder what's he going to act like when he sees me? Ah, there's Shigure's house, "I know, I'll sneak in, and surprise Kyo."

Normal Pov

Kagura climbed on top of the roof, and entered threw Tohru's and Aki's window. She stared, and got confused at their was another bed. 'Another bed?' She questioned. Then she heard Kyo's voice, and she smiled. "Ah, tha'ts Kyo~!" She said, jumping on the floor, and starting to go down stairs. She could hear screaming, and the thing she saw, omg, Kyo needs to run away, and hit the next town, cause Kagura is going to kill and terminate him. Kyo had his hands next a dirty blonde hair, his knees were blocking two legs, what's worse, the person under Kyo, was Aki. Kagura's eyes widen. "Ky-kyo..." The two heard, and looked toward the stair case. To see a dumb struck Kagura. "Ka- kagura!" He said. She pointed at Aki. "What...?" She started. Kyo realized, and looked back at the position and at Kagura. "Wait, Kagura this is not what it-"

"I TRUSTED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kagura was now outside spinning Kyo over and over again above her head. Her eyes was full of tears and anger. Aki started completely confused, awe struck, and slightly scared. "Um-" Then Kagura glared at Aki. "What ever happened between you and Kyo isn't as much compared to me and Kyo. I know more of him, I loved him longer, I even know of his other for-" Then her mouth was covered up, from a slightly bloody, banged up Kyo. "Shut UP!" He said. Then next minute you know, he was being beaten to pulp again by Kagura. Yuki, Tohru and Shigure were already entered the moment Kagura screamed. Tohru had some tape, wrapping and the first aid ready. Shigure was in anime tears on how his sliding door, was broken, and Yuki and Aki were having some tea. "*Sigh* Sorry about that. Kagura is madly in love with Kyo." Yuki said. "Um, it's alright I guess, but dang is she strong. Judging by how Kagura just stopped punching Kyo and hugging him, is she part of the zodiac?" Aki asked, eating a cookie. "Yes, see if you can guess what zodiac animal she is." Shigure said. Aki started to think.

She knew Yuki was the rat, Kyo was the cat, Shigure told her he was the dog and how Hatori is the dragon. She started to think of which animals are really, really strong and aggressive. 'The rabbit is totally out of the question, sheep are aggressive at time but not that strong. Tiger, hm maybe, but it doesn't feel right. Not the horse, for sure not the cock, them... Ah!' Aki thought of an answer. "Could she be the boar?" Aki asked, like she is in math class, at when the teacher asked for an answer, and she doens't know the answer. "Bing-bong, correct." Shigure sang. "Kagura is always like this, I think it's sweet how she loves someone this much." Tohru said, finishing the aiding of Kyo.

Kagura hugged Kyo again, and stared at Aki. "Hi, I'm Kagura Souma." She started, with a cute innocent smile. Aki kind of flinched and had a scared feeling. "Um, hi, I'm... um, Aki Hana. Douzo." She started. Then Kagura had a serious but childish look. "You are my rival." Kagura pointed at her. "I love Kyo, and everything about him. And I'm not letting anyone have him!" She said, squeezing Kyo. Aki stared at her confused, "Rival...?" Aki said. "I know, prove to me how much you know Kyo. Let's have a contest." Kagura said. "Wait, What?!"

Okay, so ending it pretty quick, why, because I need it to end it like this. Anyway thanks for reading, and tell me what you think. Also, for those who are reading my story, thank you soo very much. I do not own Fruit Basket, Music, Videos or Pictures if any. I only own the Plot and the Oc. Thanks for reading.

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-Aki Hanah and Kyo Sohma

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