"Shiho and the Photo" Part 4

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Okay welcome back to another episode of, "Will love come this Fall?" Sorry if I made mistakes or anything, plus spelling. Also, it might taker awhile to update, since my laptop messed up. I am really bad with laptops, that is the 4th time I messed up my laptop or someones.

Well, before I start, I do not own Fruit Basket, Music, Pictures, or Videos if any. I only own the plot and the Oc.

Hajimari, hajimari~...

Last time on, "Will love come this Fall"...

They parted ways, as Shiho continued to walk, she couldn't stop thinking of his words. "Accept... All of me?" She said.


Normal Pov

Shiho heard a voice, to soon be tugged backwards and falling to the ground. She winced in pain when her back hit the cold concrete. She shut her eyes close, she listened to the honking cars, ,and... Murmurs? About what.' Shiho thought. She slowly opened her eyes, to see purple-emerald eyes.

The voice Shiho heard was Yuki, he pulled her, and when she fell, Yuki must of fallen on top if her. Both of his hands were next to her head, her legs was in between his legs. The two stared at each other, Shiho's eyes widen, so did Yuki's. Shiho slowly processed what ws happening, soon to have a blush crept on her face.

Yuki did to, a tint of pink was on his cheeks. Both didn't speak up until, "Are you two youngsters alright?" A woman asked. The two realized, and quickly got up. "Oh, um, yeah. We're fine." Shiho said, then the lady nodded. She sighed and turned to Yuki. "Are you alright?" Yuki said. "Yeah. We're you the one who pulled me?" She asked, still wondering why and who pulled her. "Oh, um, yeah. You were about to cross when a car was passing." He said.

Shiho tensed at that. "OMG! Thank you so much! You freakin saved me from being ran over or something." She said.

"Oh, um, no problem."he said. "Here." He said, reaching out his hands. She looked at him confused. "Let me take you home." He said. She nodded, and he grabbed her right hand, and started to take her home.

It was pretty awkward for awhile, but they were okay with it. Though she still thought of what Yuki said. They reached the home. "Okay, here's your stop." He said, letting go of her hand, and now facing her.

"Thanks for walking me." She said. "Well, I guess I'm leaving. Thanks for the ramen, let's eat together again." He said. Making her blush. As he was about to leave, she ran and grabbed his hand. Shocking him and even herself. Shiho's heart was beating fast, her hands felt sweaty. "Ano... What did you mean by... What you said before. About, acceptence." She said.

He stared at her blankly, but it soon darkened. "It's nothing." He said. Real easing his hand from hers. "It doesn't seem like it." She said. Grabbing his hand again. He glared at her, which shocked her. She let go and he started to walk away.

End of Flashback...

Her face was sad now, she entered the shop, Mai and Aki wasn't there yet. "Ah, welcome back, Shiho-chan." Miyako said. Shiho hid her sadness with a smile. "Konnichiwa~ Miyako-san." She said. Sitting down where she usually sits with Mai and Aki. "Huh? Why are you sitting their?aren't you here to meet your boyfriend?" She said. "Boyfriend?" She questioned. "Wait, I don't have a boyfriend?!" She said. "Yeah right Shiho." Minami said. "He's over there." She said. Pointing near the corner. Shiho looked toward the corner and her eyes widen at the sight. It was a male-teen, he was wearing the school uniform that the boys ware at her school, he had purple hair and purple-emerald eyes. With pale skin.

He turned toward Shiho, "Kamikaze-San." He said. "Yuki." Shiho said, in the back, the others were smiling, snickering and all. "Why are you here?" She asked. "Am I a liar if I only said I came for ramen?" He said, smiling. "Yes." Everyone said simply. He walked over to her. "I wanted to apologize, for the way I acted." He said. "Do you forgive me?" Looking down at the floor. Shiho smirked, and turned so he faced her back. "Nope!" She said. Everyone's mouth dropped.

She turned her head toward him. "If you treat me for ramen, then I'll forgive you." Everyone blinked but soon laughed or smiled. "Shiho, make sure he buys us Ramen too." They turned toward the entrance too see two panting teenage girls. "Mai, Aki." Shiho said.

"*Pant* Yuki you treat us too." Aki said. Sitting in a chair. Shiho thought about it. "Nope, Yuki you only treat me and Mai." She smirked, sitting at the table where it seated for four. Mai sat across from her. "WHAT! WHY?!" She screamed, fuming.

"Because of the picture." She said. Drinking her cup of water. As Yuki sat next to her. "Fine, fine. I'll delete it." She said ready to delete. But them, Rinto took it away, and the friends were looking at it now. "SHIHO YOU LIED!" Minami said, pointing at her with chopsticks.

"DELETE IT!" Now everyone was fighting for it, as the chef, waitress, Yuki and Mai just stared. "Don't break my phone!" Aki screamed.

Then Mai took the phone. "Your going to break her phone. Then she deleted the photos. She pointed toward the seats, "Now go back and eat!" Saying it like a mom. Everyone mumbled, "Hai, mom." They said depressed. Mai gave the phone back.

"That was fun." Shiho said. "Says you!" Aki said. Giving a glare. So now they all ate and had fun.

At Mai's House...

She scrolled in her messages, earlier you thought she deleted the photos right? She found the message and snickered. Photos popped up, "Haha, suckers."

The photos...

During the day after school, Mai and Aki saw them at the shop, they took pictures of the together, holding hands, when Yuki fell on top of her and such.

The end of another chapter of, "Will love come this Fall?" Thanks for reading.

I do not own Friit Basket, music, videos, or pictures if any. I only own the plot and the Oc.

Bye-bye :3

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