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Oceans Hiro Hamada x reader by Lightbringer04
Oceans Hiro Hamada x readerby Lightbringer04
Y/N is another genius college student who happens to be 14 years old. Her best friend is Tadashi Hamada and she meets a certain robotics genius. The two hit it off insta...
The Dork & The Daydreamer (Hiro x Reader) by Laney-Of-The-Stars
The Dork & The Daydreamer (Hiro x...by Queen of the Universe
You are (Y/N) (L/N), honor student at SFIT, one of Tadashi's closest friends, a daydreamer and the owner of a bitter sweet personality. Hiro, a dork, visits SFIT with Ta...
Big Hero 6 x Reader One Shots (3) by RioftheSouthernIsles
Big Hero 6 x Reader One Shots (3)by Mariah • Queen of BH6
If you're still in the Big Hero 6 fandom, then you're aware of what these are. If you're new, read the first two books before reading this one. I am accepting requests...
Venus Flytrap | Tadashi Hamada x Reader by mxrshy_
Venus Flytrap | Tadashi Hamada x R...by marsh
"Move out the way," one of the gang members snarled. You started being backed up into the wall as well and you began to mentally and physically prepare yoursel...
band aids by hiroismyhero
band aidsby Anthea Chng
Small ficlet drabble about the times Tadashi was always there for Hiro when he fell, whether physically, mentally or emotionally.
Darling in the Franxx: ReBorn by jeppslayer
Darling in the Franxx: ReBornby jeppslayer
After ending the VIRM war by sacrificing themselves in the explosion, both Hiro and ZeroTwo are reincarnated into a boy and a girl. However, in this fanfic, Hiro is not...
Tadashi and Hiro x reader one shots by usual-day-dreamer
Tadashi and Hiro x reader one shotsby usual-day-dreamer
Tadashi and Hiro x reader one shots! Requests open!
Big Hero 7 (Hiro x Reader) by OneArtsyGamer03
Big Hero 7 (Hiro x Reader)by Art ( ^◡^)
** COMPLETED ** You are (Y/N) (L/N). Best friend to Hiro Hamada since 1st grade when a bully wouldn't leave you alone. How did Hiro handle it, you ask? By beating the ki...
Hiro x Reader oneshots by lavendeurs
Hiro x Reader oneshotsby evie
Hiro Hamada x Reader oneshots - Request by messaging me x - copyrights to lavendeurs all rights reserved. disclaimer: I do not own the characters unless stated otherw...
The Space Between Us  [ON HOLD] by lunobear
The Space Between Us [ON HOLD]by Lunobear
Instead of burning in the fire, Tadashi Hamada survives the incident at SFIT, however he is put into a deep coma for 2 years. After waking up, he notices his little brot...
Dad!Tadashi X Mom!Reader OneShot's | BH6  by Skyler_112
Dad!Tadashi X Mom!Reader OneShot's...by Skyler_112
#Book No.3# (On Hold) You and Tadashi had a child, A baby boy to be exact and His name is Sasuke Hidashi Hamada. This is just a book where You and Tadashi take care of h...
imagines // boondocks . by canttellyouuu
imagines // boondocks .by hey lol :)
requests are open ! 💕 huey riley caesar hiro cairo + more !
If You Loved Me (Tadashi x Reader) by RioftheSouthernIsles
If You Loved Me (Tadashi x Reader)by Mariah • Queen of BH6
Tadashi Hamada has been your best friend for years. Lately, you've been discovering that your feelings have changed. You want to tell Tadashi, but he's always busy. Whe...
Battle of the Past (Only Girl Series #1)  by inkserenenity
Battle of the Past (Only Girl Seri...by Heavenly
ONLY GIRL SERIES #01 Battle of the Past - a woman who has experienced trauma and pain in the past. - Naranasan mo na bang pumasok sa Section ng mga lalaki? Paano kung ik...
Big hero 7 - smart yet so dumb (Hiro x Reader) by CedricDiggorysthot
Big hero 7 - smart yet so dumb (Hi...by Wassuppp 🪐
Girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls girls g...
Dreamwork's/Disney x Reader One Shots by DisneyStoriesAddict
Dreamwork's/Disney x Reader One Sh...by Ella :)
Here I'll write one shots about your favorite Disney and Dreamwork's guys!
In Love With The Mafia Leader by Mxngo_Bxrry
In Love With The Mafia Leaderby Mango
This is a Y/N x Huey story. About a woman named Y/N who feel in love with a Mafia leader who is the boss of a Mafia. Feel free to comment anything or ideas ❤️
IN WHICH Hatsuharu and Ari have to hide their relationship for their own safety as they can't risk losing each other after losing her OR IN WHICH their relationship is f...
Camp buddy x seme male reader by NightmareDragon14
Camp buddy x seme male readerby NightmareDragon14
You were one of those teens that really liked to make new friends. You were always a bundle of joy! Until one day all of that changed. You then became a sad and distant...