"Mom... Dad!"

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So, this is the Second Chapter, I hope you enjoy the story, and tell me what you think, so I can would on it. Now... it's....


Last Time on, "Will love come this Fall?...

She looked toward her wall, thinking about today. She couldn't sleep, and she couldn't think straight and believe and what happened today. 'Okay, if that was Yuki, and that boy with the black and white hair transform into a cow. And if they were both Souma's, could it be...'

Then she started to freak out again. "I always thought something was strange about the Souma Family, but this...!" Aki said quietly. Trying to get to sleep.

Normal Pov

*Yawn* "Man, I'm tired." Mai said, covering her mouth. "I know, I couldn't get any sleep last night." Aki said. The two were walking to school together, on the way, they were going to meet up with Shiho later. "Why?" Mai asked. "Oh, well can I tell you some-!" Aki was shortly cut off from a voice behind them that called her name. The two besties turned there head toward the voice. It was Yuki, Kyo and Tohru.

"Hello, Ms. Hana, Ms. Yume. Sorry, but you don't mind if we take Ms. Hana away from you for a moment?" Yuki said, smiling. Mai nodded her head, "Okay, then see you later then Aki." Mai said, waving goodbye. Aki and the three looked at each other. "What do you want?" Aki said. Acting as if all the events that happened yesterday was normal.

"We need to talk to you about something... something personal?" Yuki asked. Aki looked at them, Tohru had a worried look on her face, "I don't have time now, maybe some other time." Aki said, then she started to walk away from them. "Ah.." Too late, she already left them in the dust.

"Ignore them, Ignore them, Ignore the-" "Ignore who?" Mai appeared out of no where. "AHH! Mai, you scared me." She said, taking in a breath. "Sorry." She said laughing. "Anyway, ignore who?" Shiho said. "Ah... just a bunch of jerks on the way over."

"Ah, okay." Shiho said. "Let's go, I don't want to be late." Mai said. 'That's Mai for you, she is such a nerd.' Aki thought. Then they walked off to school.

The whole day, Aki has been ignoring the group of three, Momiji and Hatsuharu in any way that she could. Ignoring eye contact, ignoring their existence, acting as if she didn't hear a thing, all those things.

Walking on the way home...

Aki's Pov

*Phew* "What a long day, they are really persistent." "What's for dinner tonight? Do I have to eat left overs, or maybe frozen food?" "Also, Mom and Dad should be on there was home. Then I saw flashing lights, red and blue, then I heard sirens.

*Sirens* "Hm, what is that?" Because of my curiosity, I decided to look. She started drawing closer toward the source, only to see a huge crowd blocking her view. "Hurry, take them to the hospital!" "Were losing them!" I tried squeezed threw the crowd to look at a glimpse at least, and saw what was happening.

Normal Pov

Her blue-eyes widened, and her breath was taken away. Tears fell down her face, she couldn't realize at what she saw, first she was speechless, the view she saw, two adults, a woman and man. Both have a bloody face. "No... no... no!, Mom... Dad!"

What will happened to poor Aki? What lies ahead of her? Find out next on, "My new home"

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