"Aki learns of Yuki's Base"

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Okay, I hope you guys enjoy this, please tell me at what you thought of it, if I should do something with it. I do not own Fruit Basket, Pictures, Music or Videos if any. I only own the plot and OC. Now let's start...

Hajimari, Hajimari~...

Last time on "Will love come this Fall?"...

"Ooh, Aki, could it be..." Shiho said snickering, and Mai gave a suspicious look. "You dorks." Aki said toward the two best friends, and started to chase them. The rest just smiled.

Normal Pov

Everyone was eating breakfast, Tohru was bringing out the Miso soup, while Aki, Kyo, Yuki and Shigure were enjoying Tohru's food. Aki popped a piece of her fish, "This food is really good." Aki said, before taking another bite. "Yes, Tohru is really are savior." Shigure said, with tears of joy. "Cut it out, you look like an idiot." Yuki said, while taking a bite from his rice. "How do you like the food Kyo?" Tohru said, smiling at Kyo. He looked at her for a second, with a chopstick in his mouth, and soon looked away, with sight pink in his cheeks. Aki felt a little uneasy, "Anyway, Tohru, thank you so much for the food, it was really delicious. Now, I'm just going back to my study's." Shigure said, singing the last part. Soon leaving them, and for Tohru to pick up his plate. "Lazy ass." Kyo said. Before sticking another piece of the fish into his mouth.

So, breakfast soon ended, Kyo decided to stay on the roof, Tohru was cleaning things up and doing the house work. Aki thought about it, and she kind of wanted to go out, so she decided to go explore the woods. Aki grabbed her shoes, and tied them up, it was some-what hot outside, so she decided not to bring a jacket. She started to head out, she looked around the house to see where she can start. Than she saw a path, "I'll go this way." She started to go down the path, she looked around, the woods were like any other woods you would see, little animals, bugs, leaves and such.

She looked back and saw that she was pretty far from the house, "Maybe I should go ba-" Aki stopped when she heard a twig snatch, "What was that?" Aki said, looking around, she started to hear rustling, "Oh my gosh~" Aki said, backing away from the sounds, she was about to run away, but soon tripped. She fell flat on her face, wincing in pain.

"Hana-san?" "OMG, DON'T KILL ME~!" Aki screamed, closing her eyes. When nothing happened, she slightly opened her eyes, to meet dark, purple, emerald eyes. "Yuki?" Aki said confused, still on the ground. "Hana-san, why are you out here?" Yuki said, holding out his hand toward Aki. She looked at it, trying to process what was happening, when she realized in about 30 seconds, she took Yuki's hand.

*Sigh* "Jeez Yuki, you freaking scared me!" Aki said, brushing the dirt and leaves off her, she started to take the leaves off her hair. "Did I get them all?" Aki asked. Still seeing if she had leaves in her hair, when all of a sudden, Yuki was 3 inches away from her face. Her eyes widen,

The two stared at each other, Aki with a slight tint of pink on he cheeks, "Wow, he does look like a prince." Aki said out loud, shocking Yuki, and Aki quickly covered her mouth. "Ah, I mean, it was, just that..." Aki was getting tongue tied. Though, Yuki thought it was amusing, he smiled a little. "You still had a leaf in your hair." He said. Taking it off, and showing it to her, indeed Aki did still have a leaf in her hair. "Hana-san, will you tell me why you were out here, it's not really safe?" Yuki asked. "Oh, I thought I would do some exploring." Aki said plainly.

"Wait, why are you here?" Aki asked, in a suspicious voice. "Ah, well, I was going to visit my secret base. But it seems it's not so secret anymore." Yuki said. Aki blushed a little at his word choice. "A secret base, back when I was younger me and my friends made are selves a secret base, thought it was just a big card board box." Aki said. "Well, it's not really that type of base, it's more of a, well when we get their, I guess I can show you." He said. The two continued to walk, getting to know each other more.

After a little more walking, Yuki stopped, making Aki to also come to a halt. "Well, this is it." Yuki said. Aki turned her head to the front, and saw a little garden. "A... garden?" Aki questioned. Yuki was now tending the plants. "Yes, this is my secret base. It's pretty stupid huh?" Yuki said in a low voice. "Well, to tell the truth..." Aki started, coming next to Yuki. "It's way better than a card board box." She said smiling. This made Yuki laugh.

Aki squatted down, "What do you grow?" Aki said, looking at the sprouts. "Oh, um, mostly vegetables, maybe some fruits, oh, and leeks." Aki kind of tensed at the words leeks. "Ugh, I hate leeks." Aki said out loud, and covered her mouth. "Ah, wait, that is not what I meant." Aki said, trying to get tongue tied again, and soon biting her own tongue. "Ow..." She said. Okay, by now, Aki was actually making Yuki laugh a little. "It's okay, many people don't like leeks." He said. Ripping  away the weeds, Aki started to help. "But, how can you stand to like it, it taste really bitter." She said bluntly. Yuki also started to question it. "Well, for one thing, their good for you, and plus, they actually help with colds." 'Wow, Yuki seems like a smarty-pants' Aki thought, sweat dropping. "But, I don't know, but they have a certain taste to it. I guess." Yuki said. Aki stared at him

"I guess I'll give them another try." Aki said mumbling. Yuki looked up at her, wide eyes. So, they continued, Aki and Yuki got to learn more about each other, and it was pretty late, so they were walking back to the house. "Hey, Yuki." Aki said. "Yes..." "Were friends right?" Aki said. Yuki looked at her, thinking about it himself. "If we really are friends, than I want you to stop calling me Hana." She said, and turned to him. "Today onward, you are going to call me, Aki." She said. Yuki was taken back, and he had a blush on his face. "Um... okay... A-... A..." He said, he was trying to say her name. Aki listened to him, as if he was a baby trying to say it's first words. "A-ki... Aki...." Aki smiled, but than, "-san." Aki sweat dropped. "Sorry, I don't think I can call you your first name yet." He said. "That's fine, but, next time we come to the base you have to promise me you will call me Aki." She said, running ahead of Yuki, before stopping in front of him, and facing him. Than, she held her pinkie finger out, "Promise!" She said, holding her pinkie finger out. He stared, but for some reason he was really happy, he wrapped his little finger around hers, "Promise." He said, smiling, and Aki was smiling.

Then they headed off to the house.

Okay, the end of another story of "Will love come this Fall?" Thank you for reading. I do not own Fruit Basket, Music, Pictures or Videos if any. I only own the plot and OC. Also...

Later that night...

"Food is ready, tonight we are having... leeks." Tohru said. Aki and Kyo looked at it in horror. "What's wrong you two, their are tons, so dig in." Tohru said, as Shigure and Yuki were already eating. "No way in Hell I'm going to eat th-" Than, next thing you know, Kyo is laying unconscious, with a mouth full of leeks, stuffed in by Yuki. Aki sweat dropped. "Well I did say I'll try." Aki said, picking up her chopsticks.

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