Haru sleeping Over Part 1

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Welcome back to another Episode of, "Will love come this Fall?" Sorry if you don't like it, and if I made mistakes, Hope you enjoy. I do not own Fruit Basket, Picture, Videos or Music if any. Only the plot and OC. Now, let's start...

Hajimari~ Hajimari~...

Normal Pov

So, after about 30 minutes when they were in the house, they explained everything. "Hm... so you are a girl." Haru said. Looking at Aki, Aki looked at him back, "Hm... so that's your natural hair color." She smiled back, causing Haru to look in shock at her, but for some reason, when she said it, he could help but smirk. The two smiled and smirked at each other, Kyo noticed, and felt irritated. "So, Haru." Tohru started, the two looked at Tohru. "Why did you walk Aki home?" "I just... felt like it... I guess." He said, he pondered at his, why did he? Some random girl you don't know, but you felt the eager to help her. To him, when he first set his eyes on Aki, he could help but felt drawn to her.

"Tohru~ I'm hungry, can you make dinner?" Shigure said, lazy to get out of his office, so he shouted it. "Okay." Tohru said, "Haru would you like to eat here to?" Tohru, you are so polite. Haru nodded, and Tohru went to start. Kyo left in the middle, his destination on the roof. Yuki was in his room, doing homework, he knew Haru was here and all. "So, Haru..." Aki started, moving some where comfortable. "This my be... personal and all, but... your not... gay, are you?" Aki asked, embarrassed to ask. Haru frowned, "I'm not like that, I may love Yuki, but not that type of love." He said, good thing he got that cleared. Aki relaxed. "So..." Haru nodded. "What to do? Want to answer random questions my friend Mai asked me?" Aki thought of out of no where. (Okay, in real life, I actually go around and ask people random questions. So, some people who are reading this, know what I'm talking about, because they know me.) "Sure."

"So... what do you prefer, fruit or veggies?" Haru thought. "Veggies." "Really? Why?" Aki the thought, 'Wow, someone else besides Mai who prefers veggies.' "Well, I am a OX." He said. Aki sweat dropped. "Oh, yeah." This continue on and on, and soon, Haru asked, and then they stopped asking random questions. They moved on to their personal lives.

"Hm, so that's why you love Yuki." Haru nodded. "Some people say it's stupid though. Which is why I don't talk about it so much." "What! Those people are stupid, I think it's just fine." Aki said. Haru stared, and soon smiled. "Dinners ready!" Tohru called. "Yes! Food!" Aki said, getting up, and going to the table, plopping herself down. Haru did it much slowly, and walked over. He sat down next to Aki, soon Shigure, Yuki and Kyo came down, and joined. "So, what are we eating?" Aki said, feeling her tummy growl. "Let's see, today we have grilled fish, veggies, steamed rice, and miso soup. "Itadakimasu~!" everyone said, and started to eat. "Oh, Tohru, your food is delicious as usual." Shigure said. Tohru smiled. "Thank you. I'm just glad you like it." Tohru said. "Ms. Honda, you don't have to be so nice." Yuki stared. "Yeah, especially to a dumb idiot like him." Kyo said next. Aki nodded. "Oh, you three, why do you have to be so cruel." He said.

Haru ate normally, but he started out eating mostly the veggies. Aki took notice. When Yuki and Kyo was bickering, Aki nudged Haru's arm. Haru looked, and saw chopsticks in front of him. "Here, You said you like vegetables didn't you?" Aki said. Haru nodded. Aki thought, he was just going to use his chopsticks to pick it up, but instead...

Aki blushed, as Haru ate the veggies from her chopstick, signaling two things people, one, she was feeding him, and two, that was like a indirect kiss. Aki's face flushed more at this thought, as Haru slowly at his food. "Arigato." He smiled at her. Aki nodded, as she continued to it.

After dinner, Aki's Pov...

THAT WAS THE MOST EMBARRASSING THING I HAVE EVER DONE! I was passing around my room, as I told Haru I was changing into my PJ's. Why didn't I think about it, and I just met the guy. Thank god no one saw. If I did I would be dying of embarrassment. I sighed, and went down, wearing shorts, and a black T-shirt. I saw that Kyo wasn't in the living room, maybe the roof? Yuki was helping Tohru, but is sucking at it. Then Shgure was in his studies, which just left me and Hatsuharu. Hm... what is he going home?

Normal Pov

"Hey, Haru, when are you going home?" She asked, plopping herself next to Haru, grabbing an orange. "I'm not sure. I didn't' think much of it." Aki sweat dropped. 'He is sure dang slow.' "Well, it seems really late, so how about you stay over with us tonight?" "Is that alright Shigure?" Aki called. "Sure, Aki." Shigure shouted back. "De? You going to stay?" Aki asked. He nodded yes. "Yes! Alright, did you hear that Tohru?" "Yes, I heard it loud and clear." Tohru said back, now making Haru's bed. "I think I'm going to sleep in the same room with you tonight. So you won't feel lonely." Aki stood up. "Let me go get my stuff, and bring it down." Then, Aki started climbing the stairs.

Haru went over to his well-prepared futon, as he was alone, his thoughts trailed of Aki. "Aki... Hana." He uttered under his breath, before he heard foot steps coming down stairs. Aki was coming down, holding a folded futon, with a pillow and everything. Since it was really big, it blocked her view of things in front of her.

As Aki walked, her foot slipped on a sitting cushion. Making her fall forward, her things falling every where, soon, she fell down. Her eyes open slowly, as she closed her eyes before she fell, she thought she fell on top of a futon or something... but...

Her eyes stared deep into black eyes, belonging to the white and black hair guy, who caught Aki on time. He stared into her blue-grey eyes, the two didn't move, stuck in a trance, as Aki was laying on top of him, and his right arm wrapped around her waste. Both of there hearts were beating, and Hatsuharu felt something in him snap. Aki's mouth was about to open before, in one quick move, she was pinned down by none other than Hatsuharu.

 Instead of an emotionless face, his face turned some-what similar, as... Dark Haru. Her breath was cut short at this, he was starring at her intently, and he had a look in his eye, like, he was searching for something, and... there was this spark(I am not going to tell you what this spark it) Her hands were right next to her head, each of his legs trapped her, like a mouse trapped in the corner of a room, where it's about to be attacked. She couldn't help but feel flushed, and think. 'OMG! OMG! WHAT IS HE DOING! IS HE GOING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME?!' Aki thought, as he grew slightly scared. "Since no one is bothering us, how about we have a little fun, sweet heart." Haru said. Aki couldn't think, she can't even process now, her brain was going haywire. Since she didn't answer quick enough, Haru grew some-what angry, he tightened his hold, making Aki wince in pain. Before Haru could do anything else.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HER!" Two voices shouted. One voice belonging to a orange headed person and the other to a purple headed person. It was Yuki and Kyo. When Aki looked, she was completely taken back, both of there faces were bend and twisted into unimaginable hate. It made the room completely tense. Anger and tons of emotion filled them both, but, anger, sadness, and what was this other emotion? They couldn't describe it, but the two exploded, and both ran toward Haru, and tackled him. Aki slowly got up, to see what was happening. Her eyes widen, Haru was being pinned, and was ready to be punched by Kyo and Yuki. She didn't want this. "STOP!" Aki screamed, and it shocked the two teen boys, she was shielding Haru. "A-Aki/Aki-san." The two said.

They looked deep in her eyes, and could tell she was scared, sad, and... in pain. They put down there fist, and quickly got up. Tohru and Shigure went down stairs, hearing all this, both panicked. "What happened?!" Tohru said. "Did someone get hurt?!" Shigure asked. All he saw was a Haru with a guilty look on him, sitting down on the floor, Kyo and Yuki standing up, both clenching their fist, and Aki who had a sad look on her face. It took both of them in surprise. "It's nothing Shigure, Tohru, just horse playing. Let's go to bed." Aki said. Before picking up her futons and making it up again. Yuki and Kyo just nodded, and went to there rooms, you could here the door shut, Haru, just crawled into his futon, and continued to look away from everyone.

Tohru felt sad, but nodded, Shigure agreed. Those two knew, that, they shouldn't get more involved with this right now.

So, that end it, so... pretty short, sorry, but yeah. Make sure you check out my other stories. Vote, Comment, Follow. I do not own Fruit Basket, Music, Picture or Videos if any. Only the Oc and the Plot.

Bye-bye. :3

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