"I'm sick-secret revealed" Part 1

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Okay, welcome back to "Will love come this Fall?" Thank you for reading my story, I am really thank full. I do not own Fruit Basket, Music, Pictures or Videos. Only the plot and Oc, okay, time to start.

Hajimari, Hajimari~


Normal Pov

Aki was in the living room, and she was working on some homework, well not really homework, just playing with her pencil, frustrated at the problem. It was math, meaning it wasn't Autumn's strong point. She looked at the question, and her head went dizzy. "Ugh, why is math so hard." She said mumbling, picking at left over pieces of erasers shavings.

Than the front door slid open, Aki smiled, and turned her head toward it, finally having something fun to do. "Jeez, your freaking heavy! You damn, Rat!" Kyo was carrying, a pale, unconscious Yuki. His breathing was uneven, 'Just like that time..." Aki thought, as Kyo was carrying Yuki up the stairs, and Tohru was going into the kitchen, saying, "I'm going to make some leek porridge." She said.

"Wait, why, leek-" Than it hit her, "Oh, wait, Yuki has a cold." Aki said, mumbling. Remembering what Yuki said about how porridge can help you with colds. "Wait, why do I remember that?" Aki said. "Aki..." She turned her head, to see Shigure has called her. "You don't need to worry, Yuki just has a cold, he get's them all the time. I just hope he doesn't change." Shigure said, saying the last part softly. Though, Aki heard it, "Change...?" Aki questioned. "Oh, it's nothing. Tohru, I'm going to call Hatori about this." He sang.

"Hatori?" Aki said, all confused. "Oh, Hatori is a Doctor, he is also a Sohma." Tohru said, she was bringing some warm porridge out, steam was coming out of it. "Hm...." She said. Tohru went up stairs, and Aki was alone again. "Change, could it be like that time...?" Aki questioned, remembering the time she saw Yuki, transform into a rat. She looked at her blue, hanker chief, she soon leaned her head on her arm. "What is with this family..." Her thought were soon cut off, when Kyo was coming down the stairs, mumbling things, like, "What a pain," Or, "Stupid Rat."

"Hey orange." Aki said, going back to work on her homework, Kyo looked down at her. "Don't call me that!" Kyo said, though, Aki found amusement out of it. She grabbed an orange on the table, and threw it at Kyo, "Here, catch." She said. Kyo caught it, and looked at it. "What, you don't like oranges?" Aki said, throwing an orange slice into her mouth.

"NO~!" Kyo sat down, next to Aki, and grabbed the TV remote, switching channels. Kyo finally choose a channel, and Aki was watching it to. Now, the two were both eating oranges and watching TV. Kyo took a peek at her, looking at her features, 'She was kind of cute." He thought, but then mentally slapped himself.

"How's Yuki doing?" She said, paying her attention toward Kyo now. "Stupid Rat, he just had to be sick." He said, mumbling. "Ne... why do you call he a rat?" She questioned, scooting closer toward him. Kyo tensed a little, "I also notice, that he calls you a cat. Why?" She said. Kyo was having trouble thinking of what to tell her. "Um, well" *Ding* "Someone is at the door." Shigure said. "Kyo, Aki, can one of you two get it?" The two sweat dropped. "I'll get it!" Kyo screamed, stomping toward the door. Kyo opened it, Aki peeked a look, she saw a handsome, older man, with bangs covering one of his eyes. "Hello Kyo, angry as usual." He said, coming in. He took off his shoes, and when he turned, he couldn't help but look at Aki. "May I ask, are you perhaps, Aki?" He asked. "Um... yes." She said.

"Shigure is right, she does have a charm about her." He said, the two looked at him confused. Hatori started to come toward Aki, and he squatted down next to Aki and looked at her. Aki felt uncomfortable. When, Shigure's studies door slid open, "Hatori." He said. "Hello Shigure, I heard that Yuki was sick." He said, now walking toward Shigure.

"Yes he is, is health was always pretty bad. But, it's probably just a cold." "I see." Hatori started to walk up the stairs. "Well, even if it's just a cold, we can't be to careful." He said. Aki was so confused. "Hey, who was that?" She asked. "Oh, that was Hatori, you know, the doctor I was talking about." Shigure said.

"Man, I always hatted when he came." Kyo said. "I'm going on the roof." Than he left, Shigure said that he was going back to his studies. "Well, that leaves me." Aki said. She saw a leather bag next to the door, "Maybe it belongs to that Hatori guy?" She said. Aki tried to ignore the bag, and concentrate on her homework, but her curiosity got the best of her, and she started to sneak toward the bag. She looked at it, it had his name on it, and, she opened the bag, to see everything a doctor would need and medication. "Maybe I should bring it to him?" Aki said. She grabbed the bag and started to head upstairs, toward, Yuki's room.

With Yuki and Hatori...

"Did you transform?" Hatori  was sitting on a chair. *Cough* "No." He said. Well, I'm glad, I don't won't that girl down stairs to see you like that. We already have Tohru know the secret, I don't think we can have another." He said, he started to look around. "Make sure no one comes in, I'm at the peek of transforming, and any surprise, could get me to transform." Yuki said. "Where is my bag?" He questioned. "I probably left it down stair-"

The door suddenly opened, appearing Aki, then *Poof* "Hey, you left your...." Aki stared down at Yuki's bed. She just saw a human, sick Yuki turn into a Rat, sick Yuki.


So, I guess, I'll just stop here. I do not own Fruit Basket, Music, Videos and Pictures if any. I only own the plot and the OC. Okay, bye-bye.

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