Kagura's Jealousy Part 3-Try to win Aki-2

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Hello, welcome back to another chapter of, "Will love come this Fall?" So, so far, as you could see, Aki got pulled into a game show by Kagura, and now has to try and win. Okay, so I do not own Fruit Basket, Music, Videos, and Pictures, I only own the Plot and the Oc.

Last time on, "Will love come this fall?"...

"So, in this game, you are to answer a series of question about Kyo." Shgirue said, showing a curtain opening revealing a tied up Kyo, with his mouth covered in tape. "Haha, poor Kyo." Aki said, making Kyo angry. They close the curtains, "So, first question...."

Normal Pov

...easy one. Does Kyo like leeks?" Shigure said. The both ringed at the same time, and stared at each other. "Since both of you answered at the same time, let's let Kagura-chan be first, hm?" Shigure said. "What!" "Yeah~!" The both said. "Kyo hate's leeks." Kagura said. "Correct. Next question goes to Aki. What does Kyo often call Yuki?" "Ha! Easy one! He call's Yuki, 'Damn Rat!'" Aki said the last part, using a Kyo impression. "Correct~!" "Next question..."

So, the two continued to ask question's one after another. "Welcome to the special round. The score is tied, 30-30.  We have special question's from some fans. (Those who commented, get to get their answers question.) From: faith_loves_Yuki "Does Kyo live on the roof?" Shigure said. "Well, that's a dumb question." Aki mumbled. Aki rang, "Sometimes. But, if I had to say. Probably yes, I mean, he spend every minute or the day, on the roof, and sometimes even sleep their. Also, doesn't he worry that he's going to one day fall on the roof and break is neck or something. Cause, I know it's going to happen sooner or later.." Aki said. "Correct~" Shigure said. "Next question, from... Oh, from the Author are selves, Made2352. She asked, 'Does Kyo have three forms?' She asked. Aki looked confused, While Kagura quickly range. "YES! He has a total of three." She said. "What? He has another form, I thought he could only change into a cat and human." Aki said. Looking at Kyo, well, at the curtain, which Kyo is behind.

 So, yep, just like the round above, it continued, till, now, we are at the FINAL, question.

"Okay, we are at the final round, score, Kagura 45 and Aki 44. This question counts for 5 points. Which, Aki could use right now." Shigure said, looking Aki. "Yeah! I'm in the lead!" Kagura said. "Oh, I am not, going to lose!" Aki said, with a fire of determination in the back ground. The two waited to the last question. "From, Toricity, Who does Kyo like?" "WHAT!" Aki, Yuki and Tohru said, surprised by the question. "Kyo likes someone?!" Tohru said. "I didn't expect that." Yuki said. Then they heard the buzzer ring, everyone looked toward Kagure. "Me~!" Kagure sang, happily.

Of course everyone was actually really determined to see what the answer was. I mean, who doesn't want to know, who is Kyo's dream girl, that he's been crushing on. Especially, since it's from someone like, Kyo. (Kyo: Hey! Made2352: No offence Kyo: Just because you said, 'No offence' doesn't mean I'm no offend- Made2352: Okay, let's get back to the show!)

"That is-" Shigure was caught off, when a flying chair, hit him in the head, everyone turned toward where the flying object came from, they saw, a crazy looking, rapid Kyo. Breathless, and his rope was torn. "*Panting* WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING! WHO SAID I LIKED SOMEONE!" Kyo screamed. Oh, and do I see, and tint of pink on those cheeks. "Ky- kyo..." Everyone said, quietly. As Kyo was now on a rampage, breaking things. "Yeah... I'm just going to leave, before Kyo get's to me, so... BYE!" Aki said, before rushing out the door, while the rest followed, and Yuki, dragging an unconscious Shigure on the floor.

After rampage...

*WHACK* "HEY, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR! DAMN RAT!" Kyo hissed, as he was just wacked in the head by Yuki. "What the heck did you think you were doing. Kill us!" He said. The two bickered, as Tohru was taking care of Shigure and Aki helping him. Aki gave Tohru the first aid kit, then, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to see the very girl who she was against on a made up game show. "What?" Aki said, giving a little glare at her. "I'm... sorry." Kagura said. This caught Aki off guard. "The reason I acted like that was... I really like Kyo, and the position you guys were in... it just." Kagure said, almost on the verge of tears. "You know, Kyo just tripped, by accident. He was pulling anything on me. If he did, I would of beat the crap out of him." Aki said. "I forgive you. Now, what's your name again?" Aki asked. "Oh, I'm Kagura Sohma. Nice to meet you." Kagura said. "I'm Aki Hana. Yoroshiku" She said. "Don't worry. I know your part of the zodiac, and I'll keep your secret. Just, don't ever drag me into another game show." Aki said. She nodded yes. "But anyway. Let's just forget about it. Because, I am tired, and I have a stupid book assignment, that's due by tomorrow, and I am not staying for detention. Maybe I could ask Mai to help me. Oh wait. Yuki." Aki said. Then, next thing you know, she dragged Yuki over to the table, and now forcing him to help with her project.

"Hm... so I guess you and Aki are friends now right?" Tohru said. Talking to Kagura. She nodded yes happily. "That's great. I'm going to make dinner now." Tohru said getting up. "Oh, I want to help. I want to make Kyo's portion." Kagura said, running after Tohru. So now they left. "Hey, Kyo, I wanted to ask you this, when Tohru and Kagura was gone. Who the girl you like?" Aki asked. Making a blush appear on his face. "WHAT!" Kyo said, looking at her. "Come on. Just tell me! Who the girl? Do, I know her?" Aki asked. "Wha- Ju- Just SHUT UP!" Then Aki got upset, and started to bicker with Aki. "KYO~!" Suddenly, Kagura was hugging Kyo to death. "I forgot to give you a hug!" She said happily. "Get off me woman!" Kyo said, before being beat up by Kagura, landing out side, leaving a huge hole in the paper door.

With Shigure...

"*Shiver* Why is it so cold in here?"

So... pretty crappy ending. I was just pretty tired, and was out of energy and such. Thanks you for all who commented. Stick in next time for another chapter of, "Will love come this Fall?". Again, sorry, for crappy ending, just so... out of it I guess.

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