"Ignoring the Rat, Cat, Dog and a Rice ball Part 3"

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Last time on, "Will love come this Fall?"...

But, Aki pulled Kyo up a little to hard, she started to fall backwards, "Ah!" "Ahh." The two said, now Kyo has caught Aki on time, he was holding her arms. They were 3 inches away from each other's faces. "Ah, I got too go!" Aki said. Soon she was gone.

Kyo's Pov

Aki... has a nice smile and she smells nice..., That time, I was able to hug her and this time to...


Normal Pov

After School...

"Ah, what a LONG day, first with Yuki and then Kyo. Maybe I should stop ignoring them?' She thought. Aki was walking down the street, Mai and Shiho was at there job, Mai worked at the bakery, so every Friday, when were at school she would bring us left over sweets, then Shiho only has and Aki didn't have a job, so she just wondered to her favorite napping place. With the bats under her eyes, she needs a little sleep. "I'm going to the book store, at least that's the only place where I can sleep without anyone noticing me." She said. Dragging herself toward the store. *Ding-ga-ling* The door chime signaled that Aki has entered. "Welcome, oh Aki, Aki, don't worry, no one knows about that spot, so you can sleep all you want." The manager said, Aki and the manager were friends. "Thanks." She started to walk around the shop like it was maze, and turning corner to corner, then she found it. Of coarse you can see this part of the shop, but, can you find it?

There was all these pillows and magazine spread out in the area. Aki  arranged this area just for her. Aki quickly plopped herself on the nearest pillow. Grabbing a magazine and placing it one her heads to block out the light, and started drifting to sleep.

30min later...

"Aki..." "Aki.... "Aki.." Her eyes started to flutter open, after she heard her name. She opened he eyes only to see total darkness. "OMG I'M BLIND!" Aki screamed, she bolted up, and the magazine came flying off her face. Aki started to breath heavy, glad that it was only the magazine. 

"A- aki-san." She turned her head, only to see one of the 4 peoples she really didn't want to see today, Shigure. "Shi- shigure, what are you doing here?" She asked, wondering how did he ever find my hang out. "I came to look for a book, when it seems I stubble into a little Autumn flower. He said, she realized  Shigure was starring at her for awhile. She didn't like it, "What you starring at?" She asked, when Shigure started to lean in toward Aki, and then he licked her cheek. Her face was completely red, and her back was now against the wall. "Wh- wha, what are you do- doing?!" She said, holding her cheek that was licked. He smiled at her cuteness, "You had a bread crumb." He said. "Shiho, Mai. Darn you." She said under her breath. "Why did you tell me there was a crumb on my face." "Ne..." Then Shgure started to get closer toward Aki, he started to reach out both of his arms, Aki quickly shut her eyes and trapped Aki with both of his arms, he looked at her. Her mind was going blank when she opened her eyes, she has never been in this situation before. He started to slowly lean in toward her, closer to her lips, "Per- PERVERT!" Next second, his face had a red mark on it.

"That hurt Aki, how could you be so cruel?" He said in a complaining voice. "Man... you Souma's.." She said, looking away from him being angry at him, and hiding her blush. Shigure stared at he, and had a plan. He grabbed Aki's head, and leaned it against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, he was hugging her. Aki's heart was beating rapidly, and her face was red. "Per- PERVERT! She screamed again, and soon left the store, leaving Shigure with a red face.

Shigure's Pov

I stood up, and leaned my body on the wall. She can be really cute. I hugged her and yet I didn't change...

Why? This is really interesting.

Hope you like it, here comes Part 4.

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