"Ignoring the Rat, Cat, Dog and a Rice ball Part 4"

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Hope you enjoy this story. Now It's... SHOW TIME! Based of the Anime, not the manga

Last Time on, "Will love come this Fall?"...

That hurt Aki, how could you be so cruel?" He said in a complaining voice. "Man... you Souma's.." She said, looking away from him. Shigure stared at he, and had a plan. He grabbed Aki's head, and leaned it against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, he was hugging her. Aki's heart was beating rapidly, and her face was red. "Per- PERVERT! She screamed again, and soon left the store, leaving Shigure with a red face.

Shigure's Pov

She can be really cute. I hugged her and yet I didn't change...


Normal Pov

What. A. Day. Aki thought. She flopped her body on her bed. Meeting her face to the pillow, she groaned. 'So tired.' She stated out. She was no mood for any more walking, but she was hungry. She went over to her bad, and opened up a half eaten bread she saved from lunch. "Yeah, now I don't have to go all the way down stairs." She kept munching on the food, then the door opened. "Um, Aki." Aki flinched, she turned her head and saw Tohru with a sad and concerned face. "Yeah?" Aki asked with her faced stuffed with bread, and crumbs falling down her face. "If it's alright, can I ask you something?" Tohru asked her. "Sure, shoot." She said, then she swallowed her food. Now waiting for her to pitch her question. "Um, did I do something wrong that would make you ignore me?" Tohru asked gently. Aki wondered at her question, and then she started to think of all the past events that happened to her, and then...

Aki started to realize that Tohru didn't do anything wrong, and was always helping her. When she was hungry she was there, when she was hurt she was there, even at school. She started to feel a drop of guilty. "No, I'm sorry I've been ignoring you. Just some things happen so... I haven't been into things." Aki said. Then she looked toward Tohru, with confidence. "Tohru, let's be friends again, okay?" Aki asked her with a smile. Tohru stared at her for a second, and soon she couldn't help but smile, and then they laughed.

With Akito...

"I see, so this girl is able to hug you zodiac members, without you transforming. Hmm... What do we have here?" Akito said. Smirking at what he just heard. "Yes, and it doesn't seem that she is a zodiac animal at all." ? said. "Thank you for telling me, I'll get back on you with what I think, now, leave!" He said harshly at the last part. ? started to walk out.

"What a surprise, I HATE surprises!" Akito sputtered.

Pretty short, hoped you like.

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