Haru sleeping Over Part 2

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Okay, sorry that I haven't been update. Like I said, school and such. Anyway, here's the new chapter, and I hope you enjoy it. I do not own Fruit Basket, Music, Videos or Pictures if any. I only own the OC and plot. Now... Let's start!

Hajimari~ Hajimari~...

Aki's Pov

'Who~!" "Who~!" "Chirping" "Chirping"... I CAN'T FREAKING SLEEP!; and the noise isn't helping. I feel so awkward right now, my back is facing Haru. After what happened about an hour ago, that was some crazy drama going down. Yes, an hour ago, for a straight hour, I've been facing one of the legs that belong to the table. I have no idea if Haru's asleep or not... problem now for me... curiosity is getting the better of me.

Normal Pov

Aki sittied up, as she leaned over to see if Haru was asleep. His face was calm, less stressed like before, he almost looked like a kid. His breathing was calm, and because of his hair, Aki was eager to touch it, but she knows better. Because, she was already reaching over to touch it, but stopped. 'Dumb Aki, Don't do that!' She thought to herself. As pulled her right hand away. She continued to observe Haru. He shifted a little in his sleep, making her almost jump and have a heart attack. 'Oh crap! That freaking scared the life out of me.' She waited till her heart calmed down. She sighed, and her faced soften. 'I wonder if he really is asleep?' Aki questioned the thought, and decided to check. She leaned down toward his ear, breathing calmly. Aki could see he shivered a little.

"Haru." She whispered in his ear. Nothing happened. Aki tried again, but just a little louder. "Haru, are you awake?" She questioned. Nothing again, she figured he really was asleep. She turned back to her futon, and before she could lay down. She felt a pull on her arm, and she was soon dragged down.

"Aki." Her face was now completely flushed, she felt arms tighten around her waist, uneven breathing hitting the back of her neck, making her hair stand on edge. Then she gasped, as she felt her back pushed into something. You could probably tell what is happening right now, Haru... is freaking hugging Aki. "Ha- Haru." She said stuttering, cursing herself for doing so. "Aki..." He said, making her flinch as his breath hit her ear, and how is voice was making her go crazy. Then, she felt his grip lessen. 'Eh?' Aki thought, she slowly got up, to see that... HARU WAS FREAKING ASLEEP. "OH WHAT!" She shouted, before covering her mouth. She looking all around to see if anyone has heard her. Lucky, no one. She sighed in relief. And looked at Haru. "Man, this guy." Aki said. "Aki... gome... ne." Aki's eyes widen, Haru was talking in his sleep, and he was... apologizing?

 'Wait, he's talking about me in his sleep. Awkward~' Aki thought, and giggled at her thought. "I forgive you, but you don't know because your asleep. Which is why I'm talking to myself." Aki soon laid down in her futon, and went to sleep.

45 Minutes Later...

Aki was now sound asleep, snuggled all up into her futon. Unaware that Haru is now awake, and staring at her sleepy face. "Aki... Hana." He thought, and soon repeated out loud. His eyes started to examine her looks and figures. Her creamy, pale skin, her blonde hair that looked comfy to sleep in, her figure, and at most, her personality. He soon found himself inching closer to here face, Haru could feel Aki's breath, meaning their faces were really close together.

"I love you, Aki Hana." And soon kissed her.

YEP! LEFT YOU IN A CLIFF HANGER! HA HA, SUCKER! I just had to leave you hanging, and wanting more, especially to unluckycharms. Lol. Well, I do not own Fruit Basket, the music, pictures or videos if any. Hoped you liked it.

Bye-Bye. :3

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