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Her Rabbit (Fruits Basket) by AnimeOtaku01
Her Rabbit (Fruits Basket)by Sky
Hinata is taken in by Kyoko and Tohru when they found her abandoned. Hinata, only being a year behind Tohru, is taken in once again with the Sohma's. She soon meets Momi...
  • momiji
  • hatsuharu
  • wattys2017
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It Doesn't Matter if You're Black or White! (Fruits Basket) #Wattys2014 by Angel_Monty
It Doesn't Matter if You're Black...by Angel Montparnasse
Ok, so, this is the first story I ever posted, so it might suck. Short chapters, I might get the character's wrong, that whole thing. Just don't hate me. Please. *look u...
  • fruits
  • yuki
  • kyo
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The Snow Shall Melt  |  Hatori Soma  by YoongiNights
The Snow Shall Melt | Hatori Som...by ~ Roses are Rosie ~
"This curse is like an everlasting winter. The snow will never melt, and spring will never come. That's just our fate." The silver haired woman smiled and set...
  • zodiac
  • soma
  • momiji
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With A Little Fate by SukiSakamoto
With A Little Fateby SukiSakamoto
Akito has been sick for as long as he can remember. Always in the darkness. Always uncared for. Never loved. But what happens when a girl from the time when the Mabaduch...
  • supernatural
  • yuki
  • tohru
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Kyo sohma x reader when the cat finds love by pansexualdemon1
Kyo sohma x reader when the cat fi...by Pansexual Demon
What happenes when a girl from school starts living with the Sohmas and a new girl comes to class? read to find out
  • wattys2018
  • readerxcharacter
  • tohruhonda
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Like A Ninja, I'll Steal Your Heart (Fruits Basket) by WizzyGameMaster
Like A Ninja, I'll Steal Your Hear...by Wizzy
Kira doesn't get along with humans too well. So what happens when she runs into Tohru and the Sohmas? And why don't the boys transform when she hugs them? She's clearly...
  • basket
  • fruits
  • akito
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Hatsuharu lover sight.         (hatsuharu x reader) by Arctic_Fox-
Hatsuharu lover sight. (ha...by Arctic_Angel
Imagine you and hatsuharu, Together forever, Live life and enjoy the ride
  • fruit
  • hatsuharu
  • cow
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Will love come this Fall? (Fruit Basket Fan-Fic) by Made2352
Will love come this Fall? (Fruit B...by Mai Yume (マイ夢)
"I always thought something was strange about the Sohma Family, but this...!" Aki Hana was a regular High School Girl. She happened to be at the same school as...
  • shiho
  • hana
  • hiro
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Not Again (A Fruits Basket/Ouran HSHC Crossover FanFiction) by Fullmetal_Exorcist
Not Again (A Fruits Basket/Ouran H...by Fullmetal Exorcist
It actually happened. The big Sohma family secret got out. And not just to a group of kids this time, to the ENTIRE school. Hatori erased their memories but Akito though...
  • sohmas
  • mori
  • hostclub
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Kyo X Reader X Akito by Rintarou13
Kyo X Reader X Akitoby Rintarou
These to are cut from the same cloth,their one in the same. They believe that no matter what they can face the heat of society alone. They stack the odds against themsel...
  • kyo
  • fruitsbasket
  • tohru
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Lovers Seen (lovers sight sequel hatsuharu x reader) by Arctic_Fox-
Lovers Seen (lovers sight sequel h...by Arctic_Angel
In loversight you an haru become a inseparable couple but how does married life come into the picture?
  • changster
  • fruits
  • hatsuharuxreader
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Fruits Basket: One Shots by So_Very_Tired
Fruits Basket: One Shotsby Invisible Scars
Fruits Basket One Shots. If I misspelled anything, please comment so I know to fix it. (Please not that you are NOT Tohru Honda in any of these) 》I DO NOT OWN THE CHARAC...
  • shigure
  • anime
  • oneshots
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Bad Boy (Fruits Basket Fanfic) by dorkyboxx
Bad Boy (Fruits Basket Fanfic)by dorkyboxx
When Miyuki, a second year, meets bad boy Hatsuharu Sohma, her life starts to change from lonely and desperate to popular and lively, going out all the time. But truth w...
  • anime
  • fruitsbasket
  • hatsuharu
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Dark Memories Within White Lies [Fruits Basket] by CrimsonAdri
Dark Memories Within White Lies [F...by CrimsonAdri
Not sure if this story was on this site before but this is the rewrite. Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket, its plot, characters, etc. but I do own my any OCs and m...
  • fanfiction
  • fanfic
  • male
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Tohru's curse by Circe-apprentice
Tohru's curseby moon 💜
Tohru has a secret.A curse.Powers and secrets get out.Wondering what secrets read! ( read meet new sombodys part 2 before memories together part 2 and 1 cause wattpad sw...
  • tohru
  • momiji
  • tohrucurse
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Fruits Basket Scenarios/Headcannons by DoctorMoonLight
Fruits Basket Scenarios/Headcannonsby Anne Scribbles 🍁
These are some of my headcannons/scenarios for the anime Fruits Basket! All of the characters belong to Natsuki Takaya, the creator of Fruits Basket.
  • sohma
  • manga
  • fruitsbasket
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DIBALIK LOVERS ❤❤❤ by Dabaliklovers235
DIBALIK LOVERS ❤❤❤by Dabaliklovers235
The love of dabalik lovers
  • loveyourfamily
  • lovevambires
  • hatemylife
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The Many Stories of Haru by Arctic_Fox-
The Many Stories of Haruby Arctic_Angel
These are short stories of you and Haru! Don't forget to check out the main story, First book "lover sight" second book "lovers seen" Haru and you Fo...
  • fruitsbasket
  • haru
  • fanfiction
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The Gentle Snow (Fruits Basket Fanfic) by Alicevbrose
The Gentle Snow (Fruits Basket Fan...by Alicevbrose
This is the second fruit basket fanfic in the point of view of another lovely couple from the first
  • anime
  • zodiac
  • hatsuharu
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Kyo X Reader by OtakuInu_Star
Kyo X Readerby Silver Star
  • shigure
  • yuki
  • akito
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