"Ignoring the Rat, Cat, Dog and a Rice ball Part 1"

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Yes, she's staying with us." Shigure said. He was on the phone. "Hm... I don't know if she knows the secret."

['Secret'] Aki thought. "I know, it might come to, "that""

"Erasing her memories."

I woke early, and I quickly made myself some boiled eggs and rice, and then left. I walked sluggishly , in a sleepy manner. "Having my memory erased?" I said, mumbling to myself. It was 6:45 a.m. at the time I left, ever since that conversation that I over heard, I've been ignoring them, and when they say my name, I would run away, when they tried to touch me, I would run away, when they send someone else for me, I run away.

Normal Pov

*Hailing out* "I knew I shouldn't have trusted them." She uttered under her breath. "Trusted who?" She flinched, she knew who that voice was, so when she crancked her head to see if she was right, it belonged to who she thought it was, one of the people she did not want to see, "Yu- yuki-kun." She said. "Well, got-to-go bye!" She tried running away, before...

"Wait..." She felt a tug at my wrist, stopping her in place. She slowly turned her back toward Yuki, her heart start to beat face. She looked at his face, she saw on his face that he had a worry look.

"What?" she asked, with no sincere, with a glare mixed in. He looked away from her, wondering why he stopped her. "May I- may I ask, but..." He used his free hand and ruffled around his pocket, then after a second or two, his face looked like he has found the item he was searching for. He slowly took out the object, then her eyes widen at the item he just brought out. "Is this,... hanker chief yours?" He asked. She started to sweat, "That was the day I... I saw him transform into a rat. Also, when the guy with white hair transform into a cow." Aki hesitate to answer, "Yes it is! Now give it here!" She stated.

She quickly snatched the blue-item out of his hand. "Thank you." Aki said, not even looking him in the face. She wanted to really get away from this guy, "If only I have never met him." She thought. "I might have never considered having my memories erased." Her thoughts were interrupted. "Hana-san... did you... see?" He asked, looking away from the blue-eyed girl. 'Did... I see?" Aki questioned his sentence. 'Does he mean... "that"?" Her eyes widen. "I don't know what your talking about." She was able to snatch her wrist away from his hold. 'Okay, just walk away Aki, walk away!' She was scolding and instructing herself.

While she was two busy scolding herself, she hasn't realize her she laces were untied, and she started to stumble back wards. "Aki!" Yuki said. 'Brace myself' As she waited for the pain, she felt a hard, yet soft, warm thing, blocking me from falling, and Aki then felt and firm yet soft grip on my two arms. Aki slowly opened her eyes, "Are you okay, Hana-san?" She looked up, and there faces were both red, they both looked into each other's eyes. "Yeah, now bye." She ran and ran, far away from him.

Yuki's Pov

Why didn't I... transform..?

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