"My new Home Part 2"

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So, I hope you all like it. Also, when Kyo didn't transform, there is a reason for that, later in chapters. Okay, It's SHOW.... TIME!

Last time on, "Will love come this Fall?"...

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you." Shigure said. Aki wasn't sure, "Oh, and the answer to you quesiton's are you are in my house, Hi, I'm Shigue. Then second, Kyo carried you hear." He said smiling. "Wait, Kyo..." Aki said. Then she remembered what happened before she ended up here. "I'm taking care of Kyo hear, so I'm pretty much his guardian."

"Anyway, you have to eat." Tohru insisted. Aki only nodded, and ate the ball of rice.

Normal Pov

"So, Aki. Tohru here told me that you have no where to stay."

(Oh how nice Shigure.) Made2352

Aki nodded, feeling uncomfortable at what he just said. "Sorry if that made you uncomfortable. Do you have a place to stay?" He asked. "Sort of." She said softly. "I'm staying with a friend, but I don't want to bother her any longer, so I left, which how Kyo found, which led me here." She said, now nibbling on her rice ball. "I see. Would you like to stay with us then?" Shigure asked.

Aki's eyes widen. "WHAT!" She said. "You don't have to, I don't have to if you don't want. I guess..." Her sentence trailed off. "No, no, it's no bother at all. Same thing happen to are little Tohru here." Aki turned her head toward Tohru. "You too?" Aki asked. She nodded, "She... died last year." Then she had a sad voice with that last part of her sentence. "Sorry if I made you uncomfortable." Aki told her, feeling sorry. "It's fine, I mean, I have Kyo, Yuki, Shigure and the Souma's now." She said, fiddling with her apron. "Wait... Yuki?" Aki asked. "Oh, Kyo and Yuki live here two.

'Wait, Tohru, lived in a house, with 3 MEN!' She thought. "So, I'll be taking your stuff, you and Tohru will be sharing a room, is that fine you two?" We both nodded, and smiled. 'This might not be that bad.' Aki thought.

Later that day...

'I haven't scene Yuki or Kyo all day. I start to slowly walk down, when...' Aki stops mid-way on the stairs, ease-dropping on a conversation.

"Yes, she's staying with us." Shigure said. He was on the phone. "Hm... I don't know if she knows the secret."

['Secret'] Aki thought. "I know, it might come to, "that""

"Erasing her memories."

Okay, how will Aki act knowing what she just heard?

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