Haru sleeping Over Part 3

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Sorry for not updating, just be lazy, partly school. But, mostly lazy. Anyway, let's start, first...

I do not Fruits Basket, Music, Pictures, and Videos. Only the Oc and plot line. Please enjoy...

Hajimari, Hajimari...

Last time on, "Will love come this fall?"...

Aki was now sound asleep, snuggled all up into her futon. Unaware that Haru is now awake, and staring at her sleepy face. "Aki... Hana." He thought, and soon repeated out loud. His eyes started to examine her looks and figures. Her creamy, pale skin, her blonde hair that looked comfy to sleep in, her figure, and at most, her personality. He soon found himself inching closer to here face, Haru could feel Aki's breath, meaning their faces were really close together.

"I love you, Aki Hana." And soon kissed her.

 He inched slowly away from her face, he moved away from her and soon covered his mouth. He sat there silent for a minute, listening to his heart beat, 'Thump-thump' over and over again. He slid down into the futon, trying to cozy himself into it. He kept thinking about what just happened. The kiss was sweet and soft, warmth obviously in it. It warmed his freezing lips, but not only that, he felt something he never felt before... 'Aki' He thought, as he found himself missing those lips again; he fell asleep soon after.

With Aki POV...

 (DREAM WORLD) "Where the crap am I?" She saw magical unicorns dancing with pineapples on their heads. Then she saw Pegasus eating jelly bean butterflies. Out of know where, I turned to see a horse giving me a crown and a gown. "You are now the ruler of Horse-Utopia!" Everyone cheered around me. "WHAT THE CRAP! OH NO! I AM NO 2 YEAR OLD WHO WISHED TO BE A MAGICAL PRINCESS WITH HORSES, PONIES, AND PEGASUSES DOING MY EVERY COMMAND!" I took over the dream now. Suddenly, I found myself in a better dream. Wait,... why is it dark. Wait... I hear something. "Mffmmff" I can't tell what this person is saying. *Hears closer* Sounds like Haru. "I love you Aki Hana." "WHAT! HE LOVES ME! WAKE UP ME!!!" Oh wait... this is a dream. So... wait, does this mean. "I'M IN LOVE WITH HARU!"

Suddenly my eyes shot open, and I was gasping. I found myself in my futon. Haru asleep. "A dream?" I turn to the clock. "3:45A.M. Oh, no. I am going back to sleep." I soon, fell back on  my pillow and drifted up to Horse-Utopia land.

Normal Pot (Made2352: Aki... I'm using this as black mail. *LAUGHING EVILLY*)

Aki slowly awoke again, her eyes fluttered open. She felt a whiff of something, it was... "HASH BROWNS!" She smiled, and ran to the kitchen. But... as she was happy that hash browns were going to be made. Something dropped in her heart. She saw the way Tohru and Kyo were together. Like a couple... a perfect young couple. '*Thump* *Thump* *Thump* My heart hurts. *Thump* *Thump* Why?' She thought this, as she clenched her chest. Tohru turned to see Aki, with her HORRID bed hair. "Aki your awake." She smiled. She could only nod. "What you making?" Aki questioned. "Oh. Your friend, Mai said your favorite breakfast is Hash brown. So I thought I'll make it for you." Tohru, your too nice. Aki smiled, "Thanks Tohru." Kyo turned to her, Aki could tell he was going to say something, but before he could. Aki felt something bump into her, feeling the hot breath his her neck. She turned to look up and saw her favorite haired colored friend. "Morning Haru." He nodded. "You got dressed up fast." Aki noticed. He was wearing his clothes from yesterday, that was washed and dried by none-other than Tohru. "Yeah. What's Ms. Houda making?" He sniffed the air, noticed stars coming from his eyes. Aki smiled. "Could it be... you like hash browns like me?" Hoping for a yes. Which she got. The two smiled, and started to chat, about all their favorite foods. Ignoring the pissed Kyo in the background.

Later, after breakfast...

 Aki sat in the living room... feeling one thing. "I'M FREAKING BORED!" She slid on the flood, acting like a lazy cat. Tohru had to do chores, Yuki was studying, Kyo was being Kyo and Haru... "Actually, where is Haru?" She turned to her side, to see an empty pillow cushion. To her left... an empty table. "Hm..." Questions clouding her mind. "Aki." She snapped out of her bubbles, and answered back. "Yes, Tohru?" "Can you please go to the market? I think were out of something's?" She smiled. She nodded. "Sure." "Hey, maybe you ask one of the boys to help you." She suggested. "Yeah, okay. Who?" "Kyo... no. To risky. Haru... well I don't know where Haru is. He probably left so... Yuki." She went upstairs to Yuki's room.

"Hey Yuki. Can I come in?" "Yes." Aki entered, stunned to see such a clean and organized room. "Oh wow. So clean... and organized." She said, exploring every inch of the room. He looked to see to. "Really? I always thought this is what a normal person's room looks like. Aki sweat dropped. "Yeah, well. Yes, it has all the things needed, it just..." An embarrassed mark hit her head, as she had a flash back moment with Aki V.S. her room. Sad to say... the room won.

"Yeah, well. Can you go shopping with me? Tohru needs some groceries" Hoping he said yes. He looked at the clock. "Sure. I don't mind." Giving his princely smile. "Ah... yeah. Well, let's go then." The two followed suit down stairs. "Here Aki. This is the list." Tohru gave it to her. "And some money." She nodded, as the two were buttoned up. Since it was almost winter. "Okay, let's go Yuki." and,

Off to the Super Market they went.

Okay... there we go. I tried to add some humor into it with the dream. Anyway, so that's the end. Stick in next time to Join Aki and Yuki. I do not own Fruits Basket, Music, Videos or Pictures if any. Only the Oc and plot.

Bye-bye. :3

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