Will love come this Fall?

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First Fruit Basket fanfiction. This is a present for a friend of mine. She begged me to make her one, and so she is the main heroin of this story. Sorry if you don't like. This is a Kyo x OC story. Don't be hater if you don't like the couple. I warned you.

Main character: Aki (Autumn)  Hana (Flower)

Has dirty blonde hair, and green-grey eyes.

Summary: "I always thought something was strange about the Souma Family, but this...!" Aki Hana was a regular High School Girl. She happened to be at the same school as the Fruit Basket gang attends. Finding out the secret, and at the same time losing her mom and dad. No family member will take her in, but one dog does.

Aki's Pov

*Yawn* "I'm SOO tired." I hit my face to my desk. Closing my eyes in the process. Both of my arms are stretched out on my desk, clinging on the front of it. I moved my head to my right, having the perfect view of whatever I turned my head to. The thing that caught my eyes was Kyo and Yuki Souma. The two were talking to Honda and her friends Uotani know as the Yankee, and Hanajima, the girl known to bring shock waves on someone. Those two Souma's... There was something strange about them, I don't know why but,... there is something. "Aki~!" "Hmm..." I lifted my head up and looked toward the direction that voice came from. "Oh, hey Mai, Shiho." Those two are my best friends. Mai Yume and Shiho Kimikaze, we went to elementary, middle school and now even high school together. We were in are 2nd year now. 

As Shiho chatted about a conversation I don't care much about right now, and Mai being a nice friend listing to her friend's words, my eyes wondered back to the two Souma's, why do I feel there is more to them then meets the eye with those two. Plus, Yuki looks kind of pale?

4 periods later...

"Where is Mai and Shiho? We are "suppose" to eat lunch outside and meet by the front gate, but for some reason they didn't appear!" I started to walk around trying to look for my two-jerks of a friend. "Eh, look at that lonely girl." Random girl. "Ah, what a loser." *Giggle* Other random girl. If they kept talking oh, I would of become there darkest fears and nightmares.

Normal Pov

Aki started to walk around the school, when she turned the next corner, the right side of the school, she stopped quickly and took a breath it out of surprise. She saw Yuki Souma, he was breathing rapidly and irregular, and he was holding his chest. His eyes looked pained, as if he was calling for help. Aki gulped, not sure of what to do, or even have a slight clue at what she was doing. When he was about to look her way with his dark, purple eyes, she started to panic, resulting in hiding behind the corner. Lucky she made it on time. She waited 30 seconds of so...

She looked back at him, he looked like he was going to die, and now, he was on his hands and feet. That is when she started to move. "Souma-san..." She shouted, and started to rush to him, when she was about 6 steps away from him, *POOF*.

1...........stare..............2..........stare...............3.......stare............. Then something moved around the white uniform on the ground, popping up a grey rat with purple eyes. "Eh...:" Her eyes twitched. "!" She started to panic, completely speechless, running in circles. Then ruffled noises came out of the boys uniform. She quickly went over and looked under the boys uniform, and appeared a grey rat. "NEZUMI!" She shouted, she was about to freak out again, but Then she stopped and realize that the rat in front of her was in pain. She picked it up, it was breathing harshly, and uneven, and its body felt really warm. "What should I do?!" When suddenly, in the distance, she heard...

"Hurry, I think Yuki is this way." A childish boy said. "Damn Rat, I hope no one saw him. Or I will beat the crap at of him." An older male voice screamed. "Wait, Kyo, he is still weak." This time a deep male voice said. "We don't have time to fight guys, Yuki is... Yuki is..." Then is was a girl voice. She knew they were coming toward her way, because of the sound of the steps, and running.

Aki started to sweat, thinking 'What do I do?! What do I do?!' When she knew they were coming closer, she gently put the rat down, and grabbed her blue hankerchief  in her right pocket. Then put it on the rat, "This is all I can do for you, So you won't be cold." She thought. She quickly, grabbed her obentou and started to run so they won't find her, she hid behind the next corner, which led to the back of the school. She started to breath harshly, out of breath. She leaned in starting to listen to there conversation...

"Ahh... Yuki! He turned into a rat." The female voice said.

["So it was Yuki!"] Aki thought.

"I don't think anyone saw him." The deep male voice said. "Damn, rat!" "Kyo, don't mean."

["Wait, Kyo?"] Aki quickly peaked and her eyes widen. It was them, the Souma's and Tohru Honda. Wait, why is she there, also... could it be that all the Souma's can do that. What the heck, is it like some medical condition or something. Or...*Gulp* There possessed by ghost!


"Anyway, Yuki  probably doesn't want me to call the main house. Okay, Tohru..." Deep male voice said. ["Eh... What's happening?] Then out of know where he hugged her. She blushed like crazy, The childish kid was laughing while Kyo looked pissed off. Then *POOOF*... Cow.

["IT IS A MEDICAL CONDITION!"] Aki said, sweating a lot. Tohru is just trying to recover after being hugged. "Hm... do you guys smell sweat." The now cow said Aki flinched at that comment. "Why does that matter?!" Kyo screamed. "Anyway, why did you transform, I don't think we needed to do that!" Kyo screamed back. "Because, I wanted to leave the school too." He said simply. As they started to bicker, Aki started to move away while trying not to be notice. When she was far away from that corner enough, she ran for it like there was NO tomorrow. "OMG, OMG, OMG" Was all she could think after that. When she turned the next corner, she bumped into someone. "Sorry." Aki said, not looking up. "We were looking everywhere for you Aki!" She looked up, and saw her two best friends, Mai and Shiho. Aki looked at her blankly, then she started to get mad. She quickly stood up out of rage and then, "ME! I was looking every inch of this school for you, and I didn't see you at the gate like you promised, right at schedule." Aki said.

"Mou, don't fight guys. We won't have time to eat are lunch." Mai said. Trying to calm the two. "Fine, I'm just hungry." Aki said, and soon the three best friends started to walk into the school. When Mai and Shiho was ahead, near the front entrance of the school, Aki quickly looked toward the right side of the school, then she ran off, going to buy herself her favorite bread at the store before it's all taken.

Before bed...

She looked toward her wall, thinking about today. She couldn't sleep, and she couldn't think straight and believe and what happened today. 'Okay, if that was Yuki, and that boy with the black and white hair transform into a cow. And if they were both Souma's, could it be...'

Then she started to freak out again. "I always thought something was strange about the Souma Family, but this...!" Aki said quietly. Trying to get to sleep.

Okay, the end. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you didn't sorry.

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