"Ignoring the Rat, Cat, Dog and a Rice ball Part 2"

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So, I hope you enjoy, and tell my what you think, okay. So, it's SHOW TIME!

Last Time on, "Will love come this Fall?"...

She slowly open my eyes, "Are you okay, Hana-san?" She looked up, and there faces were both red, they both looked into each other's eyes. "Yeah, now bye." I ran and ran, far away from him.

Yuki's Pov

Why didn't I... transform...

Normal Pov

She ran and ran way, ignoring the rat. Next thing you know she bumps into a cat.

Later that day...

Aki lost a bet with Mai, "Note to self, never go against Mai with Math." She has to buy herself and her friends lunch. "Man, what a pain...~!" She sighed. She looked at her money, "My allowance.". She continued to walk the halls, as she was going to take her next step... 

"Hey!" Aki stopped in her place, and she lifted her head and cranked it toward the voice, she turned around to have faced to faced with those same red eyes and orange hair. "What Kyo?" She asked quite rudely but mumbling with the sentence. He inched closer to her, "Why have you been ignoring us lately, *Step* did we do something wrong, *Step* did I do something wrong?!" Kyo asked. The two were about 4 steps away from each other, Aki stared to see he had a pissed look on his face.

"No, now I will be taking my leave." Aki said, starting to walk away and just wanted to get the lunch. Then a snitch came from him, "YOU!" He said, the next thing you know, one of his arm's was blocking her path, leaving an echo bang threw the halls, his face was inches from her face, close enough that the people around them would of misunderstand as if they were kissing. Aki blushed, "Mo- move out of the way!" Aki said. She removed his arm, and walked away again.

"Your coming with me!" He said, he grabbed Aki's wrist, and started to drag her. "Wa- wait, Kyo!" Aki tried pulling away, put he just gripped harder for every time she struggled. "Kyo, your hurting me, let GO!" Aki said. Then reached the roof and Kyo finally let go, making her to tumble forward. "Ah,..."

Then she felt a grip at her waist, and Kyo holding her up. She looked up at him, with a bit of a blush, but hardly noticeable. "Your really clumsy you know that." He stated. Aki frowned and then she was mad. "ME! Your the one who me dragged to the roof, suddenly letting me go, resulting  me in this situation. Wait, let go of me!" Aki said trying to struggle out, while hitting and kicking him. "Fine, fine, don't get your head screwed wrong." He said, he slowly lifted her up, so she could at least stand on her own two feat and let go of her waist.

Aki took a breath in, and Aki tried to leave again, "Where do you think your going?!" He said. "Seeing the queen of England, what else, getting lunch for me and my friends, because of a stupid bet." Aki snapped back. Before she could take another step so that she would pass the door.

"Please..." That is when Aki stopped in her tracks, Kyo was on the floor, sitting down, with his hand going threw his head and his legs crossed over. "If I... if I did something wrong... I'm... I'm sorry alright." Kyo said with an embarrassed face. Aki looked back at him, she was pretty shocked, first she didn't feel like she would trust him, but, she just knew and she started to come forward. She was now standing right in front of him. "Arigato, for saving me that time. Also, sorry, for all the trouble I caused you." Aki said, looking away. He looked up at her, she held her hand out, with a lovely gesture, and a sweet, gleaming smile. "Here." She said. He smiled back at her. He took her hand, and then they  both felt a spark fly between them. Aki pulled him forward,...

But, Aki pulled Kyo up a little to hard, she started to fall backwards, "Ah!" "Ahh." The two said, now Kyo has caught Aki on time, he was holding her arms. They were 3 inches away from each other's faces. The two stared at each other, the two were blushing. "Ah, I got too go!" Aki said and pushed Kyo away and soon she was gone.

Kyo's Pov

Aki... has a nice smile, plus... she smells nice. That time, I was able to hug her, and this time to...


Okay, end of Part 2, stick in for part 3.

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