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Damaged Beyond Repair [Fruits Basket] by XxScarletMaidenxX
Damaged Beyond Repair [Fruits Bask...by Ashley
Another story coming back from my old account... slow updates.... hey look I actually did ...kind of... write a description/intro for this one haha Quick Memo: In the ma...
  • anime
  • tohru
  • hatori
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Fruits Basket Boyfriend Scenarios by Tidelander1320
Fruits Basket Boyfriend Scenariosby Aria Graystone
  • fiction
  • basket
  • akito
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Hatori Sohma x reader (Completed) by HatoriXsohma
Hatori Sohma x reader (Completed)by Golden Deer
I do not own fruits basket or it's characters.This story has been finished. :)
  • anime
  • love
  • hatori
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The Missing Zodiac [A Fruits Basket FanFiction] by MoonstoneAlchemist
The Missing Zodiac [A Fruits Baske...by Moonstone Alchemist
The guinea pig started to dance but then the zodiac animals made fun of it, calling it rude names, making fun of it's dancing. The guniea pig was so sad it didn't want t...
  • zodiac
  • yuki
  • kyo
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Like A Ninja, I'll Steal Your Heart (Fruits Basket) by WizzyGameMaster
Like A Ninja, I'll Steal Your Hear...by Wizzy
Kira doesn't get along with humans too well. So what happens when she runs into Tohru and the Sohmas? And why don't the boys transform when she hugs them? She's clearly...
  • momiji
  • hatsuharu
  • kyo
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Words Can't Describe How Much I Love You {Sekaiichi Hatsukoi} by GucciSeagulls
Words Can't Describe How Much I Lo...by Evee
Onodera is beginning to feel that Takano is getting "tired" of him. Being too shy and nervous to admit his love for him only leads him to worse. Onodera keeps...
  • yaoi
  • sekaiichi
  • hatsukoi
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Inst'Hatori by Hatori-Dragon
Inst'Hatoriby Hatori-Dragon
Bienvenue sur mon Instagram. Je suis là car il faut bien quelqu'un pour tempérer Shigure et Ayame.
  • fancompte
  • dragon
  • hatorisohma
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Hidden by The_twins_of_hearts
Hiddenby ☆_Fallen_Star_☆
Caitlin, a Lost Soma born in America who moves back to Japan. She meets some new friends along the way. She is the golden wolf of the Zodiac, she is the last piece of th...
  • kyo
  • yuki
  • fruitbasket
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Sekaiichi Romantica by LemmeUkeYou
Sekaiichi Romanticaby LemmeUkeYou
  • nowaki
  • onoderaxtakano
  • yukina
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The meaning of life [A Fruits Basket Fanfic] by Monkeygirl2468
The meaning of life [A Fruits Bask...by Mira
Mizuki Sohma, twin sister of Akito, is very sickly and wants to go outside but Akito has always said 'No' before now. Will she go outside for the first time, or will he...
  • kyo
  • akito
  • sohma
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Will love come this Fall? (Fruit Basket Fan-Fic) by Made2352
Will love come this Fall? (Fruit B...by Mai Yume (マイ夢)
"I always thought something was strange about the Sohma Family, but this...!" Aki Hana was a regular High School Girl. She happened to be at the same school as...
  • kagura
  • chara
  • hana
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The return of the loved fox (sequel to a transformation of love) by haileys_demon
The return of the loved fox (seque...by Hailey/Sam
If u read the last story I made u would know what happened :3 (Y/n) has changed a lot from looks to personality, she hopes that the sohmas will remember her. She has ret...
  • haru
  • yuki
  • kyo
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The Cowardly Dragon (Fruits Basket Fanfiction) by Goldenkokoro
The Cowardly Dragon (Fruits Basket...by Goldenkokoro
Ryu Sohma has always lived in a life of isolation, His father won't let him leave the home he calls a nightmare in heaven. Until a day Ryu had too much and ran away from...
  • sohma
  • yuki
  • anime
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The Red Dragon (Fruits Basket Fanfic) by sparkleyapplez
The Red Dragon (Fruits Basket Fanf...by Amber Nightshade
There are certain people in the Sohma family with a curse. A curse that makes them change into one of the Chinese Zodiacs when hugged by people of the opposite sex. Eve...
  • hatsaharu
  • akito
  • fruitsbasket
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Apathy's Achilles by Snowflake_Frosty
Apathy's Achillesby Snowflake_Frosty
(Miharu Rokujo Love Story) Miharu and Monique have been together since before anyone can remember. Monique is the only one who can pierce through Miharu's apathetic nat...
  • monique
  • bonshou
  • koga
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To Be Cursed by Angelastein2010
To Be Cursedby Angie Lee
Anna Sohma was born into a family who had been cursed by the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Whenever the family members are hugged by a member of the opposite sex, th...
  • shigure
  • basket
  • fruits
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Akito's Kitty (Fruit Basket) by blacknightflower
Akito's Kitty (Fruit Basket)by HeartDynasty
Akito is known to be cold and also he put fear in everyone.. EXCEPT the rebellious girl who none of the sohma's but Hatori and Akito knows about. Snow is also the cat B...
  • oc
  • tohru
  • akito
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The morning romance (Kyoya x reader) by Kiria_Aburame
The morning romance (Kyoya x reade...by Kiria Aburame
You always went to school an hour early, though not by choice. Due to this, you never had time to make any friends because you were always too tired. Now there's a boy w...
  • ohshc
  • morning
  • hatori
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A Matter Of Understanding by Piolhyna
A Matter Of Understandingby María José Montaner Ferrer
Words can hurt, but it's your choice to accept them or to do something about it. Chise Hatori learned that she isn't the same unfortunate girl that was before, but mayb...
  • adolf
  • bride
  • joseph
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Fan-Fiction Anime Drabbles of Awesomeness by furubaJB15
Fan-Fiction Anime Drabbles of Awes...by It starts with the letter 'K'
These are going to be drabble prizes for people who have won my contest or just some random ones that I come up with that doesn't fit into any category I have. So Hetali...
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  • stops
  • snow
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