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Aki (A Naruto/HxH Crossover Fan Fiction) by YoshiXx03
Aki (A Naruto/HxH Crossover Fan Fi...by Akira Shinikage
"If you had another name, would you be a different person?" Aki has amnesia. Waking up in a forest with no memories has left her confused and slightly vulnerab...
  • hunterxhunter
  • hisoka
  • gon
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Sakura's Twin Brother by Kitsu123
Sakura's Twin Brotherby RiverFall123
This is a copy of the original fan fiction I made on Quotev. From Chapter 1 to the current ending Chapter. This is for those who supported me on the said website. Hop y...
  • aki
  • team7
  • haruno
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Stronger With You (Koga Fanfic) by alice-sanctuary
Stronger With You (Koga Fanfic)by welcome
CURRENTLY UNDER REVISION Aki finds herself back in time, surrounded by demons and weird people! Not to mention she is stuck with Koga. But is he really all that bad? Rem...
  • love
  • sango
  • aki
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[RE-UP] NAM PHỤ MỚI THẬT LÀ TUYỆT SẮC - Thẩm Hề Hòa by Juvia157
Thể loại:Đam mỹ, xuyên thư, dị thế, tu chân, 1×1, cường-cường, niên hạ, HE Edit: Aki Nguồn: loveforbl21.wordpress.com Couple: Biến thái hắc hóa trung khuyển công X Bề ng...
  • xuyênkhông
  • tuchan
  • dithe
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Red And Blue Flames (one piece fanfic) [Portgas D. Ace love story] by annimefreakxx
Red And Blue Flames (one piece fan...by Lucy
Ace and Aki first meet when Ace joined the Whitebeard pirates, both of them quickly became friends and that soon developed into something more.. But what happens when Ac...
  • ace
  • blue
  • kasai
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Just a Rotton Fruit (A fruits basket story) [on hold] by KingTrashLord
Just a Rotton Fruit (A fruits bask...by James
Tohru Honda has an Older brother whose name is Akihiro, but by most people he's called Aki. Akihiro joins Tohru's adventure and finds out the secret of the Sohma's. what...
  • filler
  • fruits
  • hatsuharu
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Private SUNA by Besteary
Private SUNAby Besteary
Either Murder Or Suicide,Guilty Or Not-Guilty, Murderer Or Innocent,Are No Escape To Private Suna and Her Partner Aki. Join them to reveal the secrets behind to everythi...
  • murders
  • crimes
  • cases
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Will love come this Fall? (Fruit Basket Fan-Fic) by Made2352
Will love come this Fall? (Fruit B...by Mai Yume (マイ夢)
"I always thought something was strange about the Sohma Family, but this...!" Aki Hana was a regular High School Girl. She happened to be at the same school as...
  • basket
  • tohru
  • note
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|12 Chòm Sao| Hồi ức tuổi thanh xuân by -bang_hy-
|12 Chòm Sao| Hồi ức tuổi thanh xu...by - c h l o é -
Thanh xuân ấy mà... ai lường trước được điều gì đây? Khi mà bạn hồi đầu cấp vẫn đơn phương một cô nàng tinh nghịch, ngọt ngào, cho đến năm hai đã có thể hẹn hò cùng cô g...
  • 12cs
  • aki
~An Absol's Life~ by Skyress1
~An Absol's Life~by Skyress1
~An Absol's Life~ By Skyress1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
  • pokemon
  • absol
  • completed
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Afraid to fall  by Voltron2306
Afraid to fall by Voltron2306
This is my first story Please don't copy Enjoy...
  • aki
  • highschool
  • reo
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Ngoại truyện "Yêu Vượt Giới Hạn" by Akichan0306
Ngoại truyện "Yêu Vượt Giới Hạn"by Aki Chan
Fiction "Yêu Vượt Giới Hạn - Ngoại Truyện đã được mình viết khi phim vừa kết thúc và post lên kênh wordpress. Thể theo yêu cầu của một số bạn, mình post lại lên wat...
  • yeuvuotgioihan
  • cheer
  • aki
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Sailor Crystal (Sailor Moon Fanfic - Mamoru X Oc X Oc) #wattys2019 by KimSeoYeonnie
Sailor Crystal (Sailor Moon Fanfic...by Sophia Casey Torres
Aki Kokoro is girl that awakens as Sailor Crystal. ~~~~~Read the story for More~~~~~ Disclaimer: I don't own any characters and other pictures in the story except the...
  • amimizuno
  • sailorchibimoon
  • sailormoon
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Best Friend to Lover (Inojin Lover Story) by AnimeCatGirl101
Best Friend to Lover (Inojin Lover...by AnimeLover101 <3
(Inojin Love story) Warning: THE CRINGE!!! Maria has had crush on Inojin her whole life? They have been best friends ever since they were toddlers. But as they got olde...
  • romance
  • ino
  • anime
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Marty's Mighty Adventures in Dinosaur King Retold. by user64735726
Marty's Mighty Adventures in Dinos...by
Marty went on a vacation to Japan and meets his new friends Max Taylor, Rex owin, and Zoe Drake AKA The D-Team to join on another adventure to save the dinosaurs from th...
  • marty
  • resse
  • helga
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"Not-Shizuku!" OC x Yoshida Haru [Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun] by AmereineOFC
"Not-Shizuku!" OC x Yoshida Haru [...by Tofu
Would love still bloom between Haru and Aki if Haru convinced himself that he loved Shizuku?
  • aki
  • souhei
  • yoshida
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Ask or Dare the Authors~! by Duh_Itz_Moonica
Ask or Dare the Authors~!by 🌙Moonica Phoenix🌙
It's ANOTHER Ask or Dare book! But only THIS time, with me and your 3 favorite Authors! @Macrafta15 @AKI9516 and @CreepyPasta338 So come on in and gives us your truth an...
  • nat
  • drama
  • aki
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Childhood Love by Miikeng
Childhood Loveby Miikeng
After being rejected by Kazuya when she was little, Aki moved to Japan because of her parents job thinking that she won't see him again. ...
  • schoollife
  • kazuya
  • fanfiction
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Just You And I | #Wattys2019 by akiliciousz
Just You And I | #Wattys2019by Erika Aki
This story is all about love, fight, and family. Kakalabanin mo ba ang pamilya mo, para sa taong mahal mo? Read and Enjoy =) akiliciousz
  • past
  • teenromance
  • aki
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Volviendo al Pasado by RebecaNues
Volviendo al Pasadoby Rebeca Nuñes
ver a su primo Tenma jugar de manera tan apasionada al fútbol le trajo tantos recuerdos y muchos mas desde aquella entrevista junto a Endou , ahora solo recuerdos que gu...
  • inazumagirl
  • kido
  • ichinose
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