Chapter 57

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"I love you too, Adeline... And our girl... Come here you!", he said, hugging the child.

I entered the building through the back door of my dressing room before grabbing a white Victorian dress and putting it on. I let my hair out and it flew calmly as I approached the whole scene outside in the field. There was a party in Johnny and Adeline's honor... I walked towards them and they all turned to look at me...

The cliff... Where my life would end... I thought. I smiled sadly before making my way through the scene, the dress flying behind me and time stopped completely. Helena stared at me, trying to stop me but I kept going...

They all followed me, trying to grab my attention and stop me... But I still kept going...

"Life is a mysterious thing... It throws so many challenges at you... To teach you to never give up... But some people just have to...", I said and Helena started crying as I stood on the edge of the cliff, turning around and facing everyone so I would fall off backwards.

I took a deep breath, closing my eyes before opening them to look at everyone yelling at me to not do it... But I have to...

"I'm happy for you, Johnny... You finally found a woman that said 'yes'... Something I wasn't brave enough to do... But because I disappointed you that day... I will be brave enough now...", I said.

"Yes, Johnny... I will marry you...", I said.

"ELEANOR!!!", Helena and Johnny screamed as I fell off the cliff.

My head hit a huge rock and I blacked out completely...

4 weeks later

I woke up... What?! No!!!

I looked around and realized I was laying on a bed on a movie set... I sighed which triggered my eyes to start watering and I started crying hard. I saw a woman slowly approach me before hugging me tightly...

"I thought I lost you... Don't ever do that again, Eleanor! You mean the world to me...", she said crying hard.

"I'm sorry, I don't believe I know you ma'am...", I whispered.

"Oh, yeah... The doctor did say you had lost your memory... Maybe it's better that way...", she said and I frowned.

"I didn't lose my memory... I remember going to college very well! My name is Eleanor, I'm 21 years of age and live in California! See, I haven't lost my memory! I was in the movie, 'Love in Paris', and currently am in the filming of 'Love is eternal in Paris'!", I said.

"How do you not remember me then?", she asked.

"Well, can you tell me your name?", I asked.

"Helena... Do you remember me?", she asked.

Memories of her flooded my system and I once again knew who she was... Helena Bonham Carter!

"Oh, I remember you now!", I said with a wide smile.

"Everyone else is helping prepare the wedding... Oh look! They're here!", she said and I frowned.

I remember the director, Alan, Eva, Bella, Chloe and Adeline... But I don't remember meeting the tall figure who walked in with Adeline holding her hand... Johnny Depp! Goodness, I'm actually going to meet him!

They all ran over to my bed and I felt a little dizzy...

"Does she remember us?", the director asked.

"I remember you, Mr. Evans...", I said giggling.

"And you Eva, Bella, Alan, and little Chloe... Hello Adeline!", I said with a warm smile.

"Hi...", Adeline said with a fake smile.

"How are the wedding preparations going?", I asked.

"They're going good...", she said.

"How are you feeling, Eleanor?", the tall man asked.

"I am truly sir, but I do not remember meeting you...", I said.

He looked a little disappointed... Why was he disappointed?

"It's alright...", he whispered.

"Hey baby, cheer up! We're getting married soon! We'll spend the rest of our lives together... Only us 2 and our little girl... It'll be great...", Adeline said but Mr. Depp did not react.

"Babe?", Adeline said.

"What?", he asked.

"What's wrong? Why are you unhappy?", she asked him.

"I'm ok, don't worry...", he said, kissing her passionately.

They left together and I sighed before getting up and walking towards my dressing room with Helena's assistance...

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